Estelle Yarrow – a chat with Miss V8 Supercars


Today we chat with Miss V8 Supercars 2013 and Gold Coaster Estelle Yarrow in the lead up to the launch of the 2014 competition

Congratulations on last year taking out the tittle how has the journey of the last 12 months changed you and what lessons have your learnt …?

The last 12 months have definitely made me more street smart when it comes to the modelling industry! I’ve learnt that there are people out there that aren’t as professionally minded and don’t see it as a job but more as a hobby. I look for well paid and professionally executed work now and have set a standard for myself 🙂

Overall how would you describe the experience of being Miss V8 Supercars been?
and what has been your ultimate highlight …?

The highlight was definitely my trip to Austin, Texas! Being a VIP at an international motor sport event was AMAZING! Also having people constantly messaging me to say that they saw me on TV or on a poster etc has been exciting and different for me 🙂

With the 2014 Finalists being notified what advice would you give them, for example how do you deal with nerves or any …?

Advice would be to just have fun and be yourself. Sometimes you can be so nervous that it shows on stage/through the camera. Just think of it as an amazing experience and don’t get too caught up in being judged and the end result.

Winning last year as apart of your prize you won a trip to the Circuit of the Americas how was the trip.. and what was your favorite moment. .?

The trip to America was AMAZING! The highlight would be sitting at the finish line in the VIP suite with the best view of the entire race! Plus eating ridiculous American foods (which aren’t usually part of my healthy living) haha

So as your reign as Miss V8 Supercars comes to an end what is next for you Estelle…?

I will continue to work in the industry and take any opportunities that arise. I’m a fashion and styling lover so that goes hand in hand with modelling. I always have goals and make sure that I aim high! Live an exciting & happy life .

Be sure to head on down Saturday the 25th of October to the Club 600 to see Estelle hand over the sash to the 2015 Miss V8 Supercars kicks off at 5pm  trackside at the Castrol Edge Gold Coast 600

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