Move, Extend or Rebuild? Ways to get a bigger home


The emotions tied to buying or building a home can not be overstated. So much thought, time and money are poured into this decision, and you want to be sure that you are making the right one. Each option is a loaded one, with a lot of forethought needed. There are only three roads to getting a bigger home, with your options being to move, extend or rebuild. Not surprisingly, there is a huge slant to the latter, but that’s not to say that each option doesn’t have their own unique benefits. Let’s find out which option is best for you by breaking down what it means to move, extend or rebuild.


There is a lot to be gained from a rebuild, which is why knock down rebuild specialists are in such high demand across Australia and beyond. The knock down rebuild principle allows a homeowner to choose where they wish to build their future residence, and purchase a home based on the size of the land and suburb location. Imagine having that much control of your lifestyle.

The home itself is erroneous, as it will be knocked down to rebuild in your style and passion. From there, you can build your new home in the bigger size that you desire with all the finishes that you’ve always wanted to come home to. Construction companies that specialise in knock down rebuilds will have a set of parameters that builders will need to stick within, but beyond that the homeowners are able to design the rest of the home.


Moving is and will always be an option for those seeking their dream home. No one can deny the fun of perusing the homes available for sale online, with so many of us allowing our fantasies to play out of what it would be like to live there in that home. The only problem is that you are at the mercy of the home design and structure that has been established by the previous owners. Sure, the house is bigger like you wanted, but is it bigger in the right places? Perhaps you wanted your bedrooms to be larger, but the house you are moving into only has larger living spaces and backyard. This isn’t as ideal as you may have liked. Moving to a bigger home is a tempting option, but it will not always give you the freedom that you want.


If you haven’t renovated, then you have likely heard the horror stories from friends and family who have. These moments are long forgotten when the new extensions are revealed, but this can be far down the line. For some brave souls, the extensions take place while they are living at the home during the renovation. This will save you renting another property, but it might not save your sanity and convenience. Another fact you will need to contend with is that your extensions will only get you so far, as you need to comply with the existing structure that is in place. Don’t be the house with a million extensions protruding from a small frame that should have just been rebuilt.

As we can see, there are a number of considerations to take into account when planning how to create a bigger home. The knock down rebuild option satisfies all needs, allowing you to be selective of the area in which you live without having to stay in the home that someone else has built. Discuss each option and the relevant pros and cons with your partner or family, and make the decision that will best serve your real estate desires.