Opinion: My Experience and the reason why I got vaccinated

Opinion:  My Experience and the reason why I got vaccinated

There seems to be a lot of discussion about people’s reasons for and against being vaccinated; I’m not here to say what’s right or wrong for anyone else, but I thought it was important to share my reasons and experience with getting vaccinated.

The past eighteen months have been very challenging for all of us, and personally, I’ve been through my fair share. Still, I’ve also spent a lot of time talking with friends, colleagues and family located around the country and in the US and UK and find myself frequently thankful I had the opportunity of being in Australia and Queensland for the pandemic.

With one of my international colleagues, an early sufferer of COVID in March 2020, I received some clear context that this wasn’t like any other illness, his road was a long one, and he still finds himself chasing the level of health he once had.

With my own health issues and a close family member suffering an immune condition the last year was a mixture of nerves at every COVID announcement and hoping there would be a solution; thankfully, there was hope delivered in the form of the vaccine, as the mortality rate for someone in my or my families condition was not great.

Being in Australia, we had been afforded the valuable gift of time, almost a year without a significant outbreak and seeing other countries reporting, scientific trials and research providing context and Australia conducting lengthy and full approval of the vaccine not just an emergency use authorisation as many other countries had, it provided me with a sense of confidence.

So fast-forward to June this year when I had done enough thinking, pondering and convincing myself that it was time to get the vaccine, I walked into the vaccination hub here at Albert Waterways, rolled up my arm and got the first dose of Pfizer.
Waiting fifteen minutes after my shot, I felt no different and was soon on my way home; after a couple of weeks, I was back and having my second shot, and the most surprising thing was leaving the vaccination centre was the peace of mind I had that I was protecting myself and my family.

Fast forward now a few months, and that feeling continues, my parents now being vaccinated and the majority of my family set for their shot in the coming days; the worry of COVID seems to have lessened, and now we hope we can all start moving in a new direction,

I know many people are hesitant and have their reasons for making a choice. Still, I also know that I have had many many friends who work in hospitality and entertainment lose their jobs, others working in hospital wards across the country and others who spent almost a year of their lives in lockdown, so my choice was for my family, friends and to hopefully get us back to doing what we love sooner.

So if you have any questions about vaccinations, call your doctor, make an appointment to talk with them about your concerns and then, if you’re ready, go and get vaccinated.

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