Opening a New World of Flavor: Best Food Pairings to Go with Red Wine

Opening a New World of Flavor: Best Food Pairings to Go with Red Wine

Around 42.8% of Australians will consume wine at least once in their lives, making it the top alcohol of choice, according to Roy Morgan. If you’re unfamiliar with the appeal of red wine but would like to open yourself up to a new world of flavor, it pays to do it right. That means pairing your wine with the right food. So what food goes well with Australian red wine? 

Pork Ribs and Pinot Noir

Australia has a lot of good luck with Pinot Noir since it needed temperate climates that have access to cooling oceanic winds, according to Wine Australia. So if you think you’ve like to experience an aromatic red wine, Pinot Noir is something you should try. Its acidic nature makes it highly versatile and able to pair up with different kinds of meat like duck and chicken. You can pair First Creek Botanica Pinot Noir with pork ribs. You can even try out a spicy variation of pork ribs and temper it with some coleslaw. 

Burgers and Shiraz

You can’t explore red wines from down under without making room for Shiraz. After all, Wine Traveller says that Australia is synonymous with Shiraz. An iconic Australian red wine, Shiraz is full-bodied with a fruity punch so it can handle smoked meats and barbeques. The Qantas Shiraz range allows you to find a bottle which suits many different styles of cuisine and flavour, many you wouldn’t expect. It is an ideal partner for strong-flavored burgers for example, like one with Blue Cheese. So you can pair a Laneway Shiraz with your favorite burger or even street food if you’re particularly adventurous. What’s great about this red wine is that it’s perfect for laid-back individuals who want flavor and no drama.

Lamb Ragu and Grenache

Grenache has a bit of history with France and Spain but is better known to be close kin of Shiraz. Lighter in its flavor yet higher in alcohol, it’s a good starter wine for most red wine beginners. It makes room for heavier dishes like braised food and stews. You can pair a Hesketh Ebenezer Grenache with a slow-cooked lamb ragu. The lighter flavor can mesh well with the sauce that goes with lamb ragu.

What is singularly fascinating about red wine is that it pairs up well with a wide variety of dishes. So there’s a lot of different combinations that you can try out. Take your time about deciding what sort of red wine and food pairing you want to try first. Who knows, you just might end up discovering a new flavor profile that you never knew existed.

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