Our Guide to Spring Camping on the GC

Our Guide to Spring Camping on the GC

Camping in spring is said to be the one of the most popular times to relax, adventure and explore without the bustling crowds and sweltering summer heat. In fact, we like to think our little coastal foreshore and hinterland have become a winner in many books as this season blooms. Primed with consistent sunny days and cooler nights, the Gold Coast is one of the most pristine adventure meccas for camping. So to give you the 101 on spring camping on the GC, we’ve teamed up with the outdoor experts at OZtrail for their help.

First things first! Where to pitch?

Choosing the location of your campsite will determine how the rest of your trip will pan out. The Gold Coast is dotted with many hot spots to pitch a tent, but the destination choice shouldn’t be made on a whim! OZtrail recommends researching the scene first to ensure you have the right gear to suit the climate. After all, whether you’re sleeping by crashing waves or amongst tropical rainforest, the temperature can be very different.

‘X’ marks the spot!

With hundreds of camping spots along the Gold Coast, finding the right one may take some time. One thing that must be adhered to when choosing the perfect location, is the accessibility of the campsite. Whether you’re a first timer or an avid camper, always checking the driving conditions to your destination is a must-do. Throughout the year, certain terrains in the hinterland may be more dangerous than others and may require additional car supplies to arrive at the campsite.

Our Top Destination Picks

South Stradbroke Island
Springbrook National Park
Talk to Glamping Days Hire Co ( They Take Care of The Lot)

The perfect sleep

Sleeping under the stars may not seem all that technical– if you know how to do it properly. Not many people know how their sleeping bag actually works and how to use it properly. With the climate changing, this little known fact can be the beginning of a cold or hot night’s sleep according to OZtrail. Unsurprisingly, the sleeping bag you used in one season and in a different climate may not do the trick in the polar opposite setting. So, the hot tip from the experts is to reflect on your current sleeping bag’s rating and then considering whether you’ll be hiking the hinterland or sunning by the coastline. So for those hitting the coastline, aim for a sleeping bag rating of +5 for comfortable sleep during spring and summer.

Local animals

For all the David Attenborough’s out there, this one’s for you. One of the most incredible experiences you’ll find as a spring camper is discovering the native wildlife that have made the scenic rainforests or coastal fringes their home. Depending where you go and how attentive you are, you may glimpse colourful creatures such as the Australian Red-eyed Tree Frog or Eastern Water Dragon. A number of native wildlife come out to explore or create new nests in spring, so it’s important to be conscious and aware where you set up camp. OZtrail recommend sticking to designated campsites to avoid getting in Mother Nature’s way!

Whether you’re heading to the GC to rise in the hinterland or shine on the beach, we recommend having a look at what the experts at OZtrail have put together at OZtrail.com.au

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