Our top 10 budget-friendly photography gifts for Christmas

Looking for gifts for photography lovers, then you’re in luck. We’ve teamed up with Ted’s Cameras to select 10 of our favourite photography gifts

Not everyone can afford to treat their loved ones to a top of the range DSLR camera or the must-have full-frame mirrorless camera, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them a photography-related gift this Christmas. Even the smallest tools and camera accessories can make a huge difference in someone’s photography kit.

If you’re looking for gifts for photography lovers, then you’re in luck. We’ve teamed up with Ted’s Cameras to select 10 of our favourite photography gifts to help you find the perfect present this Christmas. And the best part is: they’re all budget-friendly.

Here are our top photography gifts under $200.

1) Gorillapod Stand Pro 2

You can’t go wrong with Gorillapod Stand Pro 2. It’s the perfect photography gift for the smartphone addict. This handy accessory features a phone grip and flexible tripod stand, giving the user’s hands a rest to help them find the perfect spot for their phone, either for content creation or comfortable viewing.

The legs can stand tall or wrap around objects, making this tripod perfect for both travel and everyday use. A 1/4″-20 thread is also included for using lights, mics and other accessories with your phone.

Our top 10 budget-friendly photography gifts for Christmas

2) Gorillapod 1K Kit

As one of the best gifts for photographers there is, you can’t go wrong with a tripod. Despite looking very compact, the Gorillapod 1K kit can handle a respectable 1kg of weight. This makes it the perfect support device for a range of compact and digital cameras, and even some mirrorless cameras. This accessory features the flexible legs that Gorillapod are famous for, so it can function as a standard mini tripod, or securely wrap around poles and similar objects to attain steady footing anywhere.

The Gorillapod 1K Kit also features a versatile ball head which makes it easier to compose photographs and videos from different angles, with 360-degree panning and 90-degrees of tilt.

3) Manfrotto MK II Element travel tripod

We firmly believe that no photography kit is complete without a tripod, and the Manfrotto MK II Element Travel tripod is a perfect way to add one without adding heaps of bulk. As the name suggests, this tripod is ideal for travel, being surprisingly lightweight and featuring 4-section legs which close to a very manageable length.

Although portable, the MK II Element tripod opens up to an impressive 160cm and can handle a huge load of up to 8KG – this makes the tripod ideal for supporting both DSLR and Mirrorless kits. A ball head can be found at the top of this Manfrotto tripod, which allows for fast and accurate adjustments to framing. 

4) Phottix Nuada 10 LED Ring Light

Perfect for high-quality content creation using a smartphone, the Phottix Nuada 10 LED ring light is a must-have gift for photographers. The 10 LED lights of this accessory provide a good amount of illumination, so users can experience consistent lighting quality across their work, while the output is dimmable for creative effect.

As well as a cold shoe mount for attaching external microphones and other devices to your vlogging kit, this USB-powered device includes a mini tripod for keeping your recording device steady. For storage and travel, the Phottix Nuada 10 LED ring light folds in half for maximum portability.

Great lighting is a must for top-quality photos, so take a look at some of our other LED lights.

5) Apexel 2 in 1 clip lens with LED Selfie light 

Another tool for unleashing the full creative potential of modern smartphones, this Apexel product features a versatile 2 in 1 clip lens and an LED selfie light. The two fields of view provided by the clip lens are a 0.36x wide-angle, which is great for landscape scenes and group shots, and a 15x macro which is perfect for emphasising details in close up work.

The LED selfie light of this Apexel product features a built-in battery, is tiltable, and features nine different lighting modes, allowing users to find the most flattering light in any circumstance.

6) Boya BG-VG350 Vlogging kit

A must for the vlogger in your life, the Boya BG-VG350 vlogging kit comes with everything you need to be seen and heard with clarity and power in your smartphone-created content. The Boya BG-VG350 kit includes a mini tripod, external microphone and LED light, making it the perfect gift for new vloggers or those looking to improve the quality of their vlogs.

This compact accessory can easily be carried in a backpack or handbag, making content creation possible at any time and place. The microphone included in this kit is a shotgun-style mic, meaning it is perfect for prioritising the source it is directed at and limiting annoying background noise.

7) Moza Smartphone vlogging kit

The Moza Smartphone Vlogging Kit is another accessory that unleashes enhanced vlogging and live-streaming from your humble smartphone. The mini tripod of this kit is extremely versatile, functioning as a standard desktop tripod, as well as featuring a comfortable handgrip, which in turn can be extended to a selfie-friendly length of 695mm.

The directional microphone in this kit will drastically boost the audio quality of any smartphone with a 3.5mm mic input, while the included LED light can boost the visual quality of any scene, with its adjustable output, multi-colour filters and more.

Our top 10 budget-friendly photography gifts for Christmas

8) DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal

To create smooth and stable video footage with a smartphone, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal is a must. This powerful device is suitable for most smartphones, with space for any phone measuring 3.5-inches wide. Although packing a huge punch, this gimbal is compact, with its folding design making it ideal for travel and day to day use.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal features a range of easy to master automated movements, which can make smartphone movies that emulate the work of master directors. Connecting to the compatible DJI Mimo App will help users to get the most from the gimbal, while the long 15-hour battery life ensures there is plenty of time to get the winning shot.

9) Blackeye 3 in 1 lens kit 

Smartphone cameras have drastically improved in quality in recent years, but one area that they are still limited in is their field of view. The Blackeye 3 in 1 lens kit solves this problem, providing three distinctively different fields of view to choose from, resulting in images with three very different characteristics. This smartphone lens kit is one of Ted’s perfect cheap gifts for photographers, perfect for those who love to take photos on their phone.

Including in this kit is a 180-degree fisheye, 150-degree wide, and 20x macro lens. With these three tools by your side, you can frame and shoot everything from close-up details to wide-scoping views and even extreme sports. It’s quick and easy to switch lenses and mount this kit to your smartphone, thanks to Blackeye’s innovative clip system.

10)  Boya DM200 Mic for lightning 

The Boya DM200 Microphone features dual built-in microphones in an X/Y configuration – allowing it to produce high-quality stereo recordings to go with your smartphone. This compact microphone is compatible with Apple iOS devices, thanks to its Lightning Port connector, which powers the devices when connected, saving the worry of charging or replacing batteries.

Suitable for capturing spoken word, including clear speech for vlogs, or even music performances, the Boya DM200 microphone will drastically improve the audio quality of smartphone content. This external microphone comes with a fluffy windshield which reduces wind and other background noise when recording on location, while a carrying pouch is also included for content creators on-the-go.

Find the best gift for photographers now

With so many great photography gifts under $200, it will be easy to find something special for your loved ones this Christmas. Ted’s Cameras offer free shipping on orders over $100, so make sure you get your order placed in time.  Remember to check out Ted’s blog for more great Christmas gift guides. 

Our top 10 budget-friendly photography gifts for Christmas

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