A Passion For Patios – How to Spice Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Build it and they will come. True of an empire, and even true of your outdoor space. The patio is often overlooked as it’s too cold, too hot and isn’t always the most ambient environment. If your outdoor space is just a thoroughfare to the clothesline or bin, than you are missing a great opportunity to have some fun. Fortunately, with a few small tweaks, your outdoor space can be a place to entertain and unwind. Make it usable year round Don’t let the weather dictate what areas of your home you can use at any given time. When the cooler months roll around, add a stylish outdoor gas heater to your patio space and open up the possibilities to BBQ’s in July. Complement with some durable blankets and outdoor screens to let in as much or as little of the outdoors as you like. Add a touch of nature Every sanctuary needs a splash of green, and when it comes to spicing up an area, it’s incredible how much of the heavy lifting plants actually do. Whether it is a crawling vine on the bare white wall, a large potted plant in that unused dusty corner, or even a veggie garden to hide or mask some cracks in your tiling. Be sure to use plants that can survive those harsh months and play around with colours and styles so that each one is unique. Upgrade the furniture Like anything, you have to invest in your outdoor space if you want it to be a space worth spending time in. Take your time selecting the right outdoor furniture as you should never have to sacrifice design for durability and vise versa. Materials like vinyl and wood will last the distance, and chair covers are an easy and affordable way to inject a pop of colour to the area as often as you like, while protecting your outdoor furniture. Get your grill on Find me a person who can walk past the aroma of a BBQ and not stop in. Nothing like a BBQ to get people together and with such range in models you can get the macdaddy one with all the bells and whistles, or a small griller to get the job done. Fit out your space with a little bar fridge too so you can keep you chutneys, sauces and drinks cool. Find some quirky crockery to make your family want to dine out there, and add a few board games or a deck of cards to really spice up your next meal. Turn the bass up There’s no easier way to create an atmosphere than with music. Installing an outdoor speaker system isn’t as costly as it once was and will make the space usable for parents and teenagers alike. During summer you can also use the outdoor speaker system for an open air cinema. All you need is a white wall or a sheet over the clothesline and you can control the sound from the comfort of your new furniture or bean bags. ~ Letting the seasons decide what your social calendar looks like is unacceptable. Host a winter soiree complete with BBQ, audio or visual entertainment and a comfortable space for people to relax and celebrate. Give the indoor dining table a break and learn to enjoy the elements in your exciting new outdoor space.]]>


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