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Physiotherapy Pointers – Simple Ways to Alleviate Back Pain

The Australian Bureau of Statistics shared worrying data in 2014-15 stating that 16 percent of the Australian population suffers from back pain, with a majority experiencing lower back pain in their daily lives. With statistics this high one can almost consider back pain to be normal, especially for those living with it. Navigating the world, whether at home or the workplace is a tough endeavor for anyone suffering from back pain. While the first step is to see a specialist, there are steps individuals suffering can take to alleviate some or even if you’re lucky, all of the pain.

Get moving

The natural response most people have to pain is to lie down until it stops. Specialists are now advising against that. Part of the care of one’s back is rooted in movement, and therefore one would do well when in pain, to avoid extended bedrest but instead going for a walk. You do have to see a specialist, like when getting physio South Melbourne services, as to what sorts of exercise will strengthen and not strain your back. While this seems counterintuitive, the purpose of exercising is to improve your posture. When it’s time to sit down, you’ll do so in an upright position, taking some strain off your spine and realigning it.

Note: Exercise as per what your physiotherapist advises. Strenuous workouts could prove detrimental in your already existing condition.

Mind your posture

Back pain is what follows lousy posture. Whether you hunch over when seated or slump, as you age, you’ll begin to feel these effects. That is especially if you don’t take the steps early enough to correct your posture. How your back aligns is not limited to when seated. It also holds when you’re working out at the gym. You want to mind your movement and keep your back straight. It might be uncomfortable or even painful at first, but it’s part of correcting what’s bring in the problem in the first place.

Be mindful of how you sleep

Some postures such as sleeping on your stomach leaves your spine in an awkward position. In the same way, the type of mattress also matters. You might have to part with a pretty penny to get a firm orthopedic mattress, but if it takes away the pain in the long run, then it’s definitely worth the purchase. Other tactics to employ when sleeping at night is placing a pillow under your knees if you sleep on your back. For those who sleep on the side, having the pillow between the knees aligns the spine too.

Visit a specialist

While we’ve offered a few ways to help alleviate back pain, the fact remains that you need to see a psychotherapy specialist or someone in a related field to prescribe the right treatment for you. It could include developing a regiment that’s specified to your needs. We all have different causes for back pains, and therefore specialized treatment to address the underlying cause is the smart route to take. We suggest that you not assume, especially when you’ve done what you can (including heat and ice packs) to reduce the pain to no avail.

See a therapist

Part of also alleviate the pain, especially when it’s chronic, is talking it out. If the pain levels are disrupting your life, then it is likely that you’ll end up suffering from anxiety and depression. Science for years now has told us the mind and body relationship, and how negative emotions, including fear and anger, affect the rate with which our bodies heal. Seeing a pain therapist can help manage these tough emotions even as you seek treatment.

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