Ever since the start of remote work culture, people have been looking for ways to live their life to the fullest. This includes changing one’s current location to the one that’s more inspiring, relaxing, or otherwise beneficial to one’s health and wellbeing.

As long as you earn enough to support yourself during your stay, Australia can be a fine choice in many regards.

1. World class healthcare

Those who are used to the US healthcare system tend expect a high level of care. In the case of US, healthcare can get very expensive. Not so much in Australia, however. In fact, you can get access to free high-end medical care in Australia’s public hospitals. Not only do these benefits apply to Australian citizens exclusively, certain visitors can take advantage as well, thus granting you easy access to either free or subsidized medical treatment.

2. A warm climate

If you’re looking to finally kiss goodbye to these long, dreadful, and cold winters, Australia’s warm climate can make for a nice change of pace. Even so, Australia retains 4 different seasons, so there’s still a fair bit of variety to its climate. The East coast, in particular, is one of the most popular regions among expats due to its warm temperature during summer and spring, as well as a slight change of pace during colder months. You just need to get used to the fact that, in Australia, winter and summer are the other way around (winter comes in July and August and Summer lasts from December to January).

3. A welcoming climate for gambling

In Australia, everyone of legal age is welcome to gamble with virtually zero limitations. There is no single authority to regulate it and Australians have the right to gamble at the Federal level. Nowadays, gambling is widely accepted and welcomed as part of Australian culture, and many gambling establishments have sprung up as a result. To get a feel for the vast selection you can expect, take a look at the list here:


The freedom to shop around for a great deal makes Australia quite a haven for those who love to gamble and that’s not even mentioning the sheer amount of brick & mortar casinos you can find here. Across 8 of its regions, there are more than 20 casinos to be found.

4. A strong economy
While working remotely for a non-Australian company is always an option, you can also consider finding employment locally in Australia – you’re going to live there anyway. The great thing about Australian economy is how strong it is and how well compensated people are for their work. Did you know that the minimum wage in Australia is somewhere along the lines of $20 per hour? This is more than the hourly equivalent you’d be getting in the US and UK. Although living in Australia tends to be on the pricier side, you should be able to support yourself and your family no matter what career you have or how far the corporate ladder you’ve climbed.

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Australia may not be for everybody, but you should certainly experience the things it has to offer to potentially explore the possibility of relocating there for good. You never know – it could be just the thing that changes your life for the better so you’ll never want to return.

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