Finding unique gifts for a housewarming takes time. Sure, we could pop down to our local convenience store to pick up a few random bits and bobs to offer a new homeowner. However, to impress your host, you’ll need to think seriously about your housewarming present ideas.

1.  Candles & Diffusers

Fragrances so sweet; they’ll coax you into any room. Candles and diffusers are luxurious yet affordable housewarming gifts that can instantly elevate a space. Candles are likely the most affordable option, with a range of fragrances to choose from and in various sizes and styles.

Diffusers, on the other hand, require essential oils to work. While this means a few extra purchases alongside the diffuser itself, it allows homeowners to pick and choose how their home smells.

A better option is a fragrance gift pack containing both a candle and a diffuser. Some of the best gift packs consist of hand-poured scented candles, reed diffusers and bath products in an array of inspiring fragrances.

2.  Cheese Knife Set

You already know the struggle of cutting cheese with a regular knife. It’s nigh impossible without a bit of elbow grease. Ensure the new homeowner’s cheese board platters and charcuterie board have the proper cheese-eating utensils–get them equipped with high-quality knives to serve both hard and soft cheeses.

Look for a cheese knife set with at least four knives. That way, your hosts will have the right knife for every style of cheese. Trust us. There’s a big difference between a soft cheese knife, a pronged cheese knife and a narrow plane knife. Each knife is designed so as not to damage or crush the structure and shape of different styles and densities of cheeses.

A proper cheese knife set is a terrific housewarming present that any new homeowner would love to receive.

3.  House Plants

Green thumb or not, a house plant is a perennial favourite for housewarming presents. Whether they’ve moved into an apartment with a balcony or a house with a full-sized backyard, house plants can bring barren or empty spaces to life with a touch of greenery.

Be sure to do your research before you head to your local nursery. Different plants require different conditions to grow properly. Some require direct sunlight, others need shade, and they all have specific watering requirements.

The best indoor house plants require as little maintenance as possible. Aloe barbadensis, or Aloe Vera as it’s more commonly referred to, is a well-known succulent plant, loved for its beauty and its health uses too. Its stiff leaves contain soothing aloe vera gel we’ve grown accustomed to applying if we’ve forgotten sunscreen.

A Peace Lily is another fabulous option for a housewarming. Low maintenance and easy to grow, you can find Peace Lilys’ in all shapes and sizes, with some growing as tall as four feet. Grown best in brightly lit areas with indirect sunlight, they might be the ultimate apartment housewarming gift.

4.  Natural Handwash for the Bathroom

Washing our hands has become an even more vital part of everyday life. Show the host you value them and their health with a natural skincare gift set. Hydrate, nourish and protect dry hands, nails and cuticles with hand wash and hand cream duo for the ultimate experience in natural hand care.

We highly recommend those brands that focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly ingredients because you’d be surprised how harmful some skincare and cosmetics products can be.

Furthermore, we should always be looking to support our local, so keep an eye out for Australian-made skincare brands, especially those that are carbon neutral, vegan and Certified-Cruelty Free.

With brands like these, the lucky homeowner can experience a cleaner, more natural and sustainable skincare routine, thanks to the incredible plant-based benefits from ingredients like Soy Protein, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Borage Oil.

5.  Flower Vase

Gifts for housewarming events don’t have to be expensive. Remember, some of the best presents for a housewarming come from the heart, not your wallet.

For under $50, you can elevate their new home with a fresh bouquet and a vase to match. With so many florists available to choose from, try not to get too overwhelmed.

If you have no idea about buying flowers, head to your local florist, give them your budget, and they’ll ensure you receive something extraordinary. If you’re not a fan of the vases on display, or your local florist doesn’t offer them, you can always go out and find a glass vase to match your chosen flowers.

Go for a classic short or tall vase, or step outside the norm with a stunning hand-cut and mouthblown glass vase for a striking home design piece.

6.  Wooden Cutting Board

Don’t let your friends settle for anything less than a high-quality wooden cutting board. The ideal addition to any home kitchen, timber cutting boards are naturally anti-bacterial. Plus, timber’s softness and forgiving nature will protect your knives from blunting. A fundamental feature should another guest arrives with a set of knives as their housewarming present.

And since many cutting boards are reversible, washing up just became that much easier. With just a quick rinse under the tap with a drop of detergent, you’ll be back to prepping vegetables in no time.

Find them a handcrafted cutting board for maximum resistance to stains, water and warping because the last thing you want is for your housewarming gift to fall apart after a few meals.

You can even go a step forward and have the wooden cutting board engraved for a unique housewarming gift.

7.  Alcohol

With a fresh bottle of wine (or two) in hand, you’ll be the MVP of any housewarming party, even more so if there’s a charcuterie board to go along with it.

Help your newly homed friend wring in the new place with a quality bottle of wine, and maybe throw in a wine rack to help them start their collection.

If your host isn’t much of a wine drinker, alcohol presents many housewarming present ideas. There’s the classic case of beer, a bottle of whiskey, or a little bit of the bubbly. You could even go down the alcohol-free path thanks to the abundance of non-alcoholic brewers and distillers opening up around the world.

Party Time!

With the invitation received and your gifts sorted, enjoying the housewarming is the only thing left to do. Have fun!

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