Whether you are heading out for a meal with friends or you’re cooking up a storm at home with the family, you want to be sure that you impress your guests. Eating with others is a great occasion and a wonderful way to spend time with your loved ones. Sitting down together to break bread, enjoy each other’s company and engage in conversation is a tradition that we as humans have been enjoying since the beginning of time. While the occasion of sitting down to eat with friends and family is always one to be relished, the food that we consume is just as important.

Here in Australia, we have some incredible restaurants, cafes and bars to choose from. No matter where in the country you go, you can be sure that you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to eating out down under. From contemporary restaurants in the cities to rustic cafes in the towns and villages to fine-dining favourites and those fantastic local establishments like Skewers Restaurant, there is an abundance of amazing food options throughout Australia. It seems like no matter where you go in the country, you are always treated to great food and this comes down to the quality of the ingredients. But, what exactly is it that makes Australian produce, and the meat in particular so tasty?

Let’s take a look at just a few reasons that Australian meat stands out against the competition on the international stage.

Exceptionally High Standards

There’s no denying that Australia produces some of the highest quality beef anywhere in the world. In fact, the country is well-known for having exceptionally high standards when it comes to meat production, often featuring in lists of the best producers in the world. One of the main reasons for this is the Meat & Livestock Australia’s standard, known as Meat Standards Australia (MSA). All MSA meat is labelled and graded based on approximately eight hundred thousand taste tests from a combination of more than one hundred and fourteen thousand consumers, positioned in more than eleven different countries. This advanced grading system helps to ensure that Meat Standards Australia are kept at the same exceptionally high level from one year to the next.

Flavour And Nutrient Dense

Due to the sheer size of Australia, there is no shortage of pasture for livestock to graze on. This means that a very high percentage of Australia’s meat is grass-fed leading to better tasting and much more nutrient-dense meat. Grass-fed meat has higher eves of mega-3 fatty acids and it also tends to have a much more buttery consistency than grain-fed animals. Attention to quality and standards throughout the animal’s life leads to an end product that is far superior to the meat that is found in other parts of the world and it can be almost impossible to replicate.

The Aging Process

While the raring and production of the meat are crucial to the final outcome, the ageing process also has a major impact on the product. There are two types of ageing; wet ageing and dry ageing, both of which impart a real depth of flavour to the meat. In Australia, the integrity of the ageing process is held in high regard and there are excellent systems in place to ensure the best possible results, regardless of which ageing process is used. When combined with the strit standards put in place as well as how the animals are brought up, fed and looked after, the ageing techniques have a huge impact on the overall taste and texture of Australian meat.

Commitment To Animal Welfare

While not everyone will agree that animal welfare standards have any impact on how the meat might taste, others will tell you that the more humanely an animal is treated and the less stress it is under in its life, the better the meat will taste. The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) put strict welfare standards in place back in 2005 which continue to be reviewed every four years to ensure Australian animals are treated as ethically and humanely as possible throughout their lives. Not only has this ongoing commitment to animal welfare had a positive impact on the meat that the country is able to produce, but it also ensures that the Australian meat industry continues to develop its production methods in an effort to remain sustainable moving forward

Australian Meat Will Continue To Lead The Way

Australian meat is widely renowned for its delicious taste and high quality and will continue to be recognised for these qualities moving forward. The country’s ongoing commitment to excellence in everything they do in relation to meat production will ensure that Australia continues to lead from the front, creating some of the best meat available anywhere in the world.

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