There are so many hair products out there touting one million different benefits, but have we started to overlook the humble shampoo? Finding the best shampoo for your hair can have incredible benefits and you can unlock the potential for those other products to really shine if you have a great foundation. Despite how common using shampoo and conditioner is, there are many people who failed to select the right hair product for their specific needs. Today we will cover a comprehensive guide to selecting a great quality shampoo, whether you are after the reputable Keune shampoo, a specifically eco-option, or something specialised.

Let’s get into it!

Addressing your hair needs

It should not surprise you to learn that everyone’s hair is different. Just like we all have different complexions and skin product needs, the same goes for our hair. Some people have oily hair while others have dry and brittle hair, not to mention the many different varieties of hair in between that need to be addressed. The better you understand your hair the more you were going to have an understanding of what product and what ingredients to look out for, so start assessing what kind of hair you are working with!

Brands matter

Brand and reputation are not always important but when it comes to haircare it really is. There are lots of different brands that claim to do different things but the proof is on the label of ingredients, with some of these brands using ingredients that are inferior to those of more well-known shampoo brands. Find a haircare brand that creates shampoo for hairstylists and by hairstylists. Sure, these shampoos will be more expensive but they will save you from having to buy repair products when your hair can’t tolerate those poor choice shampoos you have chosen instead. Invest wisely in your haircare and you will find you have a minimal hair care routine as a result.

Pay attention to the products that your hairdresser uses

A hairdressing salon will typically have a partner haircare brand which is why they use those products and have that point of sale all over the salon. That being said, these brands are very premium and hair stylists rely on these products to make their work look fantastic and have their clients leaving feeling fabulous.

Next time you have a hair salon appointment ask your hairstylist what shampoo they are using and why. You will not just be asking for the sales spiel, but it is also about learning what ingredients they have chosen based on the hair they are seeing on your head. They might say they are using a leave-in shampoo because your hair has significant colour damage, or they might be using something with some stripping agents to balance out that excess oil. Start asking the right questions and sample these selections at home too.

A selection of shampoos

Those in the know will often have more than one shampoo variety for their needs. There might be one to be used after there has been lots of styling products and heat applied to the hair, and there might be more expensive shampoos that are packed with revitalising ingredients. If you were looking for a shampoo that is everything to you you are probably more likely to narrow down a selection and furnish your bathroom with these shortlisted shampoos that you can use as required. Once again this is where hairdressing recommendations can be very effective.

Where to shop for quality shampoo?

If you are reading this article and thinking that you get the best option from your local grocery store and still aren’t seeing great results, you might be looking and shopping in the wrong place. Shopping for a quality shampoo at the hair salon or a hair product store will expose you to a greater variety of brands, ingredients and shampoo solutions. If you are particularly thrifty you can learn the names of these great shampoos and go home and try to find them at an affordable price through another platform. When you start shopping at places where quality haircare is king, the selection is going to be much better.

Get some haircare beauty content in your feed

If you feel way out of your depth with selecting great haircare then you might need to put yourself in a position where you can see and read great recommendations. There are a tonne of beauty podcasts out there as well as online magazines and even Facebook groups to join. Immerse yourself in these online communities and media and see what products keep being mentioned and trial them for yourself. If you were feeling particularly bold, you can even slide into the DM’s of some renowned hairstylists, hair influences or any beauty personality out there who is in the know.


We hope these tips will guide you to make a great decision over which shampoo to choose. Remember, you can always trial and error some selections until you land on the right one for your hair.

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