The TikTok craze is in full flow in Australia, and it is now the most downloaded mobile entertainment app in the country with 7.38 million users. Many people are looking to capitalise on this trend and become stars on the platform.

There are already some huge Australian TikTok stars, with Hannah Balanay racking up more than 18 million followers. Others can follow in her footsteps easily, but it’s important to be aware of the risks that come with putting yourself out there.

Be Aware of the Risks

Before you even consider trying to become a TikTok celebrity, you need to know that there are some risks that come with it. People who amass large followings online are always in danger of cyberbullying and harassment.

For this reason, ExpressVPN recommends using multiple accounts. This way, you can post your private stuff to friends and family, while showing different content to the rest of the world. It’s also wise to remove metadata and geolocation data from your videos so that people online don’t know where to find you.

If you want to be famous, you need to make sure you have thick skin and you can cope with criticism. Of course, if anyone becomes abusive or says inappropriate things, the beauty of social media platforms like TikTok is that you can simply block them.

Replicate the Methods of the Top Celebrities

To become a TikTok star, it’s a great idea to see who’s killing it in the industry and copy their methods. In Australia, there are plenty of influencers that you could choose from. Balanay is the most successful Australian on the platform at the moment, but there are a few others that are trying to catch her up.

Sarah Magusara is up there with the best in the country, with 17.6 million followers. She is known for posting bubbly dance videos and fitness posts. The Brisbane-based star is now using her fame to monetise her channel, and this involves partnerships with companies in the health industry.

Posting about health and fitness is a great niche to get into in 2022. According to RunRepeat, the industry is worth $160 billion. It’s growing rapidly as well, meaning that there will always be people interested in watching videos related to the topic. Once you’ve gained enough supporters, you can start making money by advertising on your channel.

Time to Capitalise on this TikTok Craze?

TikTok may be the latest global phenomenon, and it will likely continue blowing up for the next few years. The question is, though, will it last forever? Now could be the perfect time to take advantage of the trend, while it is still popular.

There are some that believe that TikTok could be a passing craze, and that it will be replaced by something else within the next decade. Happy Mag reports how the app will inevitably be phased out of the public sphere in due course.

TikTok is taking Australia by storm, and now is the right time to try to gain followers. If you do decide to become a TikTok influencer, make sure you’re aware of the dangers before you get started.

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