How To Prepare Your Yard For The Storm Season

Drainage Water follows the path of least resistance. That is, it will flow downhill. Do you find your yard pools water after rain, or worse still, water seems to flow right to your door after a downpour? If so, you’ve probably got a drainage problem. It’s not something many people think of, but having a yard that is properly aerated and drains away from your house or shed is one of the easiest ways to prevent storm and flood damage to your home. Not too sure where to start? Chat to a yard and garden expert such as Hanceys Turf to explore options for making your yard storm ready.

Secure Loose Items

Without a doubt, it’s important to secure loose items in preparation for storm season. Outdoor settings, umbrellas and garden tools can be turned into weapons of mass destruction in a storm! Where possible, store these items in a garage, shed or sheltered area in preparation for storm season. As always, prevention is better than a cure.

Prepare Your Pool

Many people forget to prepare their pool for storm season. Storms can dump huge amounts of water in a very short amount of time. A pool can fill to overflowing in the blink of an eye during a storm. If you have notice of a pending storm, don’t be scared to flush an inch or two of water from the pool, secure your pool blanket and leaf skimmer in preparation for such an event.

Protect Your Pets

Do you have pets that usually live outdoors? What would you do if you’re stuck at work while Rover is stuck in a storm? Animals can find storms very traumatic. What about the chooks? The rabbits or guinea pigs? Do they have a spot they can escape the rain, or high ground they can get to in the case of flooding? It’s so important to have a plan in place for your animals, especially if you’re not at home. Can you call upon a neighbour or friend to let the dog into the garage or laundry in a storm event? You don’t want to come home to a freaked out puppy or a coop of cold chicken soup. It’s something always worth considering. Have you recently experienced severe storms? Did your home or yard experience any damage? How did you prepare for them? Is there anything you wished you did or didn’t do to prepare? Have you found these tips helpful? Share your ideas in the comments, below.]]>


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