Sarah Wilson - Miss Universe Australia 2021 Finalist Interview
Photo by Jarrad Seng – @jarradseng

Sarah Wilson – Miss Universe Australia 2021 Finalist Interview


Today we are catching up with Sarah Wilson of New South Wales, one of the 29 talented and inspiring women from all walks of life who are hoping to be crowned Miss Universe Australia 2021. 

So Sarah , why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a 21-year-old Communication student, currently in the final semester of my degree!
I grew up in a small country town in regional NSW and moved to Newcastle when I was 17 to undergo my tertiary studies. I’m a mother to a tiny kitten named Autumn, a passionate, creative writer, and a lover of travel.

Coming from a small country town, I have strong community values and enjoy getting involved in any way I can. I have been a volunteer for the SES, a Rural Fire Service cadet, and a volunteer for Meals on Wheels in previous years. When I complete my degree, I hope to get a job in the government sector working in Public Relations that allows me to do meaningful work within my community landscape.

We all have motivations, mine usually revolving around good coffee, but what was your key motivation for entering the Miss Universe Australia competition?

Upon entering the competition, my motivation was to seek a new experience that I could grow from. My key motivation in almost everything I do is growth. I consider myself a lifelong learner as I think everything offers a unique opportunity for change to occur. The program has always appealed to me as it fosters self-development but still challenges you in so many ways. I never thought I could see myself as a Miss Universe Australia, but this program has shown me I am deserving and capable of attaining such a title. As the competition comes to a close, regardless of my placing, my key motivation now is to be a leader in my everyday life.

As part of the program, you recently spent some time up in our hometown of the Gold Coast with the Village Roadshow team; what was the experience like?

The experience on the Gold Coast trip with the Village Roadshow team was a dream come true for me. This was the first time I had set foot on a plane since COVID, and I was overwhelmed at the opportunity to travel, see another state, and meet new people.
The parks were so much fun and the perfect environment for us to get to know each other and make some beautiful social media content.

What would you say was the highlight of your trip?

The highlight of my trip was our final lunch at the Burleigh Pavilion. Everyone was in such great spirits; the pressure was completely off, and we all enjoyed our last day in the Gold Coast sunshine. It was impossible not to be happy with such a picturesque backdrop and upbeat atmosphere.

It felt so nice to be completely at ease, interacting with everyone, eating, drinking and laughing. It was a moment where I could see how the MUA women (minus team VIC who were there in spirit), the pink tank team, our glam team and the camera crew were all a bonded family.
As this was my first experience with the sheer enormity of the MUA production, organisation and workload, it was such a rewarding day seeing everyone relax and enjoy each other’s company. 

If you win the title of Miss Universe Australia, you will receive the prestigious Minespec Parts Education and Business grant worth $20,000; what would you do with the grant and why?

The Minespec grant is exceptionally generous and would be nothing short of life-changing if I were fortunate enough to win it. I have been working hard at university for the last four years, investing in myself and my future. This money would be used to pay off my HECS debt.
As I am approaching the final weeks of my degree, I have been applying for public relations strategist roles in the local government sector. I’m hoping to attain one of these roles and aid the implementation of public policy to better my local community. As Brian Solis states, “Community is about doing something together that makes belonging matter”, and this is my credo as a public relations professional.  This grant generously donated by Minespec Parts would be directly contributing to my progression in the workforce.

With everyone bringing their own unique and individual flair to the competition, what is something that sets you apart from the other contestants?

It is undeniable that the program brings together such a unique, diverse, and remarkable group of women. I was astounded at the stories, experiences, and accomplishments of my fellow Miss Universe Australia finalists. Seeing everyone shine at different stages of the program and in different ways has been one of the most inspirational parts of this entire experience.

I like to think that I represent this entire self-development journey and showcase an authentic real human going through change. I love the pageant and the polish, but at the end of the day, the way I talk, act and dress are very much grounded in who I am.
I’m not concerned with appearing perfect in every setting, nor am I concerned with pandering to the male gaze. I am a confident young woman who is not afraid to make mistakes, evolve and transform – the beauty is in the unfolding. My individual flair is not being afraid to expose my flaws as I believe there is strength in vulnerability.

The last eighteen months certainly have been challenging for all of us; what would you say has been something you’ve gained or learned from the whole experience?

Ironically, I’ve gained a great deal of peace throughout the tumultuous months of see-sawing shutdowns and uncontrollable COVID outbreaks. I say this because I have come to the realisation that I have very little control over what is happening, and I have no other choice than to make myself happy. I’ve utilised this time to get back to basics; exercise, therapy, nourishing foods, good films and study – these things never fail me.
Having so much alone time in lockdown has made me realise the importance of liking who you are alone with and creating a positive relationship with yourself.

What is the first thing you hope to do as soon as restrictions are lifted?

The first thing I will do is get in my little Kia Rio, with my cat in the passenger seat and shoot up the highway to see my mum. I can practically smell her cooking as I write this.

Final Five Questions

Favourite Place to Travel To?
At the moment, my current LGA haha. I love discovering new places but with lockdown, I think a visit to my hometown of Forster NSW is definitely on the cards in the near future.

The highlight of the last year?
Definitely adopting my rescue kitten, Autumn. I often say it’s up for debate as to who has rescued who.

What is something people may find interesting about yourself?
I am in a secret handballers Facebook page managed by Kevin Rudd and have been sent a signed handball by KRudd himself for my elite handball skills.

Tell us something you’re passionate about and why?
I’m passionate about closing the rural education gap in Australia. It is evident that there are significant disparities between academic outcomes in rural and urban areas – which should not be the case! Education is the key to life and everyone should be given ample opportunity to access quality education.

One piece of advice you have for us all?
Life becomes beautiful when you learn to be as good to yourself as you are to others.

Thank you to

Minespec Parts are proud to be partnering with Miss Universe Australia, Working to empower and support women not just through the Miss Universe Australia pageant and their $20k education and business grant, but through many platforms with various activities across Australia all furthering and supporting women in the workplace.

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