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Smiling Brighter – The Self-Care Trend

How is it that the smile of someone is that one take-away we remember most? Smiling is a nonverbal cue that eases your company, and lets outsider know that you are a positive and approachable person. Now that’s all well and good, but if you don’t like your smile or feel that it is lacking something, you may want to explore how a brighter smile is a self-care trend worth abiding by.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening shouldn’t be a new concept to you. It’s virtually impossible to open a social platform and not see someone spruiking the latest device. So, how do you navigate through all the brands and find the best teeth whitening kits? Research around and find the best DIY kit with proven results. Now we all have different preferences, particularly when it comes to our health and beauty rituals, so you can choose from teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening pens and peroxide-free kits.

Controlling your intake

We love our many vices because of the way they make us feel. But they don’t necessarily impart anything good to us. Being aware of the food and drink that are bad for your teeth, will allow you to weigh up your options. Your three coffees a day, your lunch cigarette, and even your habitual soft drink with every meal could be hindering your bright smile potential. You also may be surprised to learn that fruit is one of the worth things for your enamel and can be damaging to your teeth. But these things are not to be avoided, just keep an eye on the intake and always wait 15 minutes after you have eaten or consumed liquid before brushing.

Scheduled cleans

Making appointments with your dentists isn’t just a formality so that you can scrawl it in your diary. These scheduled visits are timed with much care, so skipping a check-up or a clean might set you back more than you would like. Your dentist literally has a room of tools that are designed to give your teeth the deepest clean, and apply preventative measures that will keep your smile shining brighter for longer.

Next time you are in the chair at your dentist with your mouth open, ask them if there are any ways you can enhance the brightness of your smile. You’d be surprised how much you can improve your smile simply by making small changes or tweaks to your home dental regime.

The right lip colours

Outside of actually whitening your teeth, there is little else you can do to control your smile brightness. But choosing the right lip colour will really set your teeth off, think of it as an optical illusion. Play around with some shades that you already own, especially the deeper and more dramatic colours. Your softer nude colours may betray you and make your teeth look a more dull colour, but this may vary for each user.

Another element that will influence how bright your smile is and which colour to apply is your natural skin tone. Darker skin tones will appear to have brighter teeth with the whiter paying off the darker tone. Ever wondered why your teeth look brighter when you are tanned? That’s why.

We all want a bright smile, who wouldn’t? But appreciate that there are rituals and habits that you must fall into to retain that pearly white smile. You do not have an infinite amount of teeth enamel, so start today. Teeth whitening kits are of course the most reliable and quickest way to achieve this, but pay attention to the small value adding measures that will take your smile to the next level.

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