The Software Shift: Why Transitioning to Digital Platforms is Simpler than You Think


Success If you want to have a successful business in your industry, you need to look at going digital in all areas of your business. That includes marketing as well as ordering and the financial aspect of your business, including online accounting software. Technology is ever changing and we need to adjust the way we do business to keep up with the constantly evolving technology of businesses. If we slack, we could lose current clients as well as potential clients due to our antiquated ways.   Improved Performance Another excellent reason to transition your team to a digital platform is to see how they are performing. Instead of wondering if you could be budgeting better, or using your resources more efficiently, you could know immediately. Most times, a report has to be run for the last few months to see a trend. With digital platforms, you could immediately see what the performance of each employee is and has been instead of waiting a month for the results.   Investment If you are still working with paper documents, have you looked at what the cost is to keep working this way daily? On average, paying an employee to work with paper forms could cost your business approximately $5000 a year. If you have a large team, think about how much you are spending annually with paper. Although the digital equipment and software seem like a lot of money to put down, if you compare the savings with digital to your annual cost with paper, you will see there are huge cost savings by switching to digital.   Save Time By updating your accounting software and another financial tracking to a digital platform, you will be saving yourself a lot of time. In addition, you will also be saving time for the employees who work for you. They will no longer have to stay late to file or send out invoices. With a click of a button, the invoice has been sent out to the client. No more waiting on snail mail to get the bill to your customers. It will be readily available to them and more often than not, they pay it immediately. This means you are no longer waiting for a check in the mail to go and deposit. The money will be in your bank account immediately after they paid the online invoice.   Minimize Risk  One of the primary reasons companies are not eager to go digital is because they think their files will be compromised online. While this could occur, it is very low risk in this day and age with website security. One of the things that businesses with paper invoicing systems fail to realize is that their paper files are more at risk than if they were digital. If a fire were to occur, do you have backups of the files you lost? Would you know what invoices were outstanding and which ones had been paid? If someone breaks into your business, they could take or destroy everything in sight. With digital platforms, your files are safe and secure!   What Benefits Can my Business Expect by Going Digital? There are multiple benefits of going digital in today’s world. You can market better to receive more clientele. You can send and receive invoices on the same day, rather than waiting for the mail to send your invoice to your client. You can see instant performance reviews of your team, and most importantly, you can see your business become successful in a concise amount of time.  ]]>

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