Spend a Sunday Afternoon on the Gold Coast with Us


Today we’re taking you on a bit of an adventure around our hometown showing you a few of our favourite places and a few of the must-see staples for any tourist visiting the Gold Coast. 

So let’s hit the road, and we’ll take you to iconic beaches, bars and even stop off for some fantastic food, and get a go on real pokies Australia, a Sunday done right.

Burleigh Beach on a Sunday

Our first stop is the iconic Burleigh Headland where every local seems to stop off once a month or more and pull up a patch of grass and have a glass of wine or beer and catch up with friends all while taking in the iconic views that span from Burleigh to South Stradbroke Island in the North. 

Surfers Paradise Beach Markets followed by Dinner.

So for our next stop, we’re in the tourist hub of the Gold Coast and taking the stroll at the beachfront markets, a popular destination if you’re looking for a souvenir of your trip or something fun and unique to add to your suitcase. 

Once we’ve finished our market adventure, we might be getting a bit hungry, so now we walk across the street, and we have a selection of excellent dining restaurants to choose from.  

So let’s take a bite and get ready for a night of fun. 

The Star Gold Coast for a tipple and gamble

The night is starting nicely after a good meal, so why not head on down to The Star Gold Coast for a few cheeky drinks and some light entertainment

The Star is the must-visit destination for any fun on the Gold Coast with plenty of bars, shows and activities so let’s throw a redback in the pyramids and have a night of fun dancing and celebration only done the Gold Coast way. 

Now you’ve spent the evening with us we feel like we could do it all again tomorrow night but just need a bit of a beach swim, walk and recovery session in the early morning, so we’ll see you beachside shortly. 

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