Spicing up your love life this festive season!


We know Santa is slipping in and out of chimneys around the globe and as occupied as a webcams teen, but it’s a little more difficult for us all to find the time for a bit of romantic romp this time of year.

We’re often left feeling tired or overrun or overwhelmed and even unable to embrace those lustful feelings when the spark arrives due to thin walls, nosy children and maybe even some family members staying only a few metres away.

We’ve put together a suggestion on a few tips and tricks to keep the spark alive this festive season.

1. Take some time for you and your partner.

As much as this time of year is fun and festive, it’s also stressful with money, shopping and relatives all sometimes adding to the stresses of life, so why not instead of getting some material things to give each other the gift of a staycation, book a hotel in your town or city and just have a date night and some little sheet lifting action.

Make it an annual thing gift a weekend of romance to each other, dinner drinks and a beautiful night in a hotel room certainly going to get the libido pumping.

2. Put up your Christmas Tree and get in the mood with some cheeky inspiration.

Sometimes when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed the inspiration drops out so maybe a little dirty talk bum grabbing or jumping online and getting your engine running will have you pulling up some of the right moves.

We’ve all seen those sites “ teen webcam sex ” ” tips and tricks for longer lovemaking ” ” entertainment by Pornhub ” whatever it takes to lift you and your partner into the mood may we even suggest some joint viewing.

3. The Gift that keeps on giving…

So we’re now in the realm of adult gift giving, and you don’t want to wrap these up on Christmas day to be opened in front of the family.

But Christmas is all about the feeling of giving, and there’s no better way to provide that feeling that than maybe giving your partner a toy of the adult variety.

We suggest an open conversation and maybe typing into google ” hot sex toys ” or ” fun things to take into the bedroom ”