Summer is Coming: 5 Must-Do Outdoor Activities

1. Quad Biking Say goodbye to boring bumper to bumper traffic in your car and embrace the wonder of wide, open terrain as you jet along on a quad bike! Fun to the extreme and not for the faint hearted, quad biking is becoming more and more popular with those wanting to try something new. There are a lot of different classes of bike to choose from, so be sure to ask a specialist like JSW Powersports for advice if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. Finally, always remember to be kitted out in all the appropriate safety gear.

2. Camping

Campsites are all over this nation of ours, and it’s another of our most popular pastimes. There are plenty of national parks that will allow you to camp for a fee. You can also camp on private land as there’s plenty of landowners out there who welcome the business. Though it’s generally considered a no-no by the local officials, many particularly brazen travellers will simply camp on the beach. Major cities all have caravan parks and they often contain fully serviced camp grounds and are outfitted with all the modern conveniences such as barbeques, toilets and showers.

3. Surfing

As an island nation with some of the world’s best beaches, Australia is home to many a keen surfer. Have you grabbed a board and tried to ride a wave? If not, this summer is the time to soak up the sun’s ray, smell that sea salt ocean spray and try your luck. For complete beginners, surfing lessons with a professional is a must – make some enquiries at your local beach club to find a top-notch instructor.

4. Hiking

Like to get those legs moving? Luckily for you, there are many fantastic hiking trails in our national parks and ranges. Aside from being brilliant exercise, hiking also gives you the chance to slow down and appreciate the beauty of our country up close. Depending on your level of fitness, you’ll want to do a bit of research beforehand just to make sure that the trail isn’t too intense for you. Regardless of how tired you are by the time you reach the top, however, the view will no doubt have been worth all the effort.

5. Mountain Biking

From the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales to South East Queensland’s Hinze Dam, there is a smorgasbord of mountain biking destinations to discover – just research what is on offer in your area! More physical than quad biking, clocking up the kilometres on a mountain bike is a great way to burn some calories, breathe in that fresh, outdoor air, and experience some incredible views. Australia is something of a paradise for people who are all about the outdoors. This summer, what new and exciting outdoor activity will you try?]]>


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