During the height of summer thunderstorm season in Florida, Red Bull Air Force member Sean MacCormac took his sport to new, dangerous heights doing what few can and would ever do – sky surf through the lightning flashes and thunder claps of intense cumulonimbus clouds during an infamous Florida afternoon thunderstorm.
On July 11, a fierce thunderstorm came to fruition just southwest of Lake Okeechobee near Palm Beach, Florida. On site meteorologists dissected each detail of the incoming storm to find the perfect opening for Sean’s never-before-seen skydive. Heavy downpours and frequent lightning strikes surrounded the Red Bull Air Force member for the entirety of his exhilarating 10,000 ft jump.
“When the plane is rocking, lightning is firing off and lighting up the sky, every survival instinct you have is telling you not to jump,” said the decorated artistic skydiver. The daring feat was captured on film by members of the Red Bull Air Force, resulting in an electrifying look at what it’s like to surf through a thunderstorm.


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