The Surprisingly Holistic Benefits of Good Sleep


A good night’s sleep. When was the last time you had one? Most adults struggle to get the required amount per night. It’s not surprising. We’re working harder, for longer, with the additional responsibilities of home life to deal with as well. It’s even more difficult for new parents and shift workers. Yet the benefits of getting enough sleep are numerous. Reading this blog, you’ll realise why and hopefully aim to get more sleep yourself. Let’s unpack a few of the surprisingly holistic benefits of a good session of shut eye. You Need a Good Bed! Before we begin to explore the benefits of forty winks, we need to get back to basics. If you don’t have a great bed, chances are that you’re not having great sleep. Bedding Co Australia provide luxury bedding that is guaranteed to help you drift off in comfort. That being said, choosing a bed is an individual preference. Some prefer pillow soft mattresses while others tend towards the firm end of things. For couples, it can be a matter of compromise. You’ll spend a third of your life sleeping, so make sure to choose something that works for you. Better Memory Getting enough sleep is great for your brain. Did you know that if you are sleep-deprived then you are actually suffering memory loss? Not a great thing to have happen if you have that deadline approaching or need to be on point for a sales pitch. Get enough rest and you’ll notice your memory improving, along with other cognitive functions. You’ll Live Longer Getting less than seven hours sleep per night can have a negative flow on effect on all parts of your body, including your cardiovascular system, endocrine system, immune system and nervous system. This all adds up and can actually mean a decreased life expectancy. Get enough sleep and you’ll improve all these functions and might actually end up living a longer life. You’ll Be More Creative Research has found that getting enough sleep can lead to a boost in the creative process. If you’re an accountant you might wonder why this matters, but having a creative outlet outside of work is a great way to unwind and if you’re more relaxed you may end up with a better night’s sleep anyway! Improved Academic Performance Are you at university or college? Or perhaps you’ve got a child or two going through the last years of high school. Although students are notorious for late nights and cramming sessions, a healthy sleep routine can actually boost academic performance and lead to improved grades and knowledge retention. Weight Loss You may not have to go on that gluten-free, paleo, juice-cleansing diet after all. Because poor sleep negatively affects your metabolism, changing up your sleep routine may result in weight loss. Remember to pair this with a balanced diet and some exercise as well for best results. You’ll Feel Better Because of all these positive effects of a good night’s sleep you’ll notice a dramatic increase in your mood. You’ll feel great, have loads of energy and may actually be tempted to smile! How good is that? Summing it Up So, to conclude, ensure that you have a nice and comfortable bed that suits you because that is the cornerstone of your sleep routine. Begin to implement a healthy sleep cycle and you’ll notice a range of benefits including better memory and even an improved lifespan. You may get a boost in creativity, improved academic performance, weight loss and a boost to your mood. We can’t think of any better reasons to catch enough Z’s, can you? ]]>

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