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Talkspace was launched in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank and is an online and mobile therapy company. Talkspace offers its users access to licensed therapists through the mobile app available on iOS and Android and through the website. The platform includes more than 1,000 therapists, and it works through unlimited texting, with therapists responding once or twice per day, depending on each plan. The company offers monthly subscriptions, with a number of tiered options for online counseling and therapy, all options being less expensive than in-person therapy.


On their official blog the company shared a post about how to overcome winter sadness, where Talkspace reviews a few tips designed to help. Even if you are not suffering from seasonal affective disorder or other kinds of depression, it is possible to feel the winter sadness. Some people enjoy shorter days and cold weather, but some people need to take precautions in order to ensure that they don’t slip into a dark place. It’s important to take note of your current emotions and to assess if the colder weather and the holiday season are impacting you in a negative way. If they are impacting you, then Talkspace reviews a few options that you have in order to keep your spirits up during the cold season.


One thing that the winter season tends to take away from you is the sunlight. The sun provides you with vitamin D, and when you’re not exposed to much sunlight then you can find other ways to get the vitamin. There are supplements that you can take, or you can eat foods that are rich in it, such as wild-caught fish, beef, or egg yolks. One thing you don’t want to do is to try to get your fix of vitamin D from the tanning bed, as that is just a myth.


Speaking of sunlight, there are some researchers who believe that seasonal affective disorder can be caused by lack of it, which can through off your body’s clock. In order to counter this, there are special types of lamps that you can buy that produce something that is similar to sunlight. There are a number of models, but you should talk to your doctor about it first.


If you do miss the sunshine then you might want to consider going on vacation in order to refuel and get your fix of vitamin D. Find a destination that is hot and sunny. A trip can also have lasting benefits, as you will have the memories that you can look back on and which can bring a smile to your face. While this might sound like a big venture, there are inexpensive alternative out there which are budget-friendly, which means you don’t have to rule out this option completely.


Other things you can do in order to snap out of the winter sadness is to make plans. Having something to look forward to can boost your spirit, and it can be something as small as making plans for a launch with your friend. You can continue exercising by finding an indoor alternative to your workouts, or you can surround yourself with loved ones, as it’s important to try and not isolate yourself. If you can’t seem to overcome the winter blues, you can consider asking for help and reaching out to a therapist.


Online therapy, or any type, can help change negative thinking patterns or steering your mood in the right directions, as well as identifying underlying problems and providing support. You don’t have to simply accept that you are going to be feeling bad for a couple of months every year. Once you figure out how to cope with the mood changes brought forth by the changing of the seasons, you will be more prepared to fight it.

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