The Taste Test – How to Find the Interior Design Style That’s Right For You


Don’t be afraid to ask for help Most people think interior designers are only for celebrities or the wealthy. However, interior designers love nothing more than helping anyone and everyone find their style. I personally found some amazing interior designers in Melbourne. They were great at understanding who I was and what my likes and dislikes were to help me find the right style for me. If you aren’t sure or think that perhaps finding the right style is a bridge too far, put a call out to the experts. Getting that little helping hand will ensure you find yourself on the right path sooner and transforming your home in no time.   Back to basics Before you go to the shops, get confused and eventually give up. Do some research to understand the basic pillars to interior design. The four main types of interior design that most styles broadly adhere to are casual, formal, contemporary and traditional. Each has their advantages and individual flavours, but understanding each will help you find the pillar to start from. A casual style brings comfort and a relaxed atmosphere, whereas contemporary looks for opportunities to build subtle intricacy into your home. Once you have worked out which basic style you like, it can be a lot easier to find inspiration.   Be influenced Before you say “I’ve already got too many Pinterest boards”, let me explain what I mean by influencers. Instead of looking for individuals or other interior designs that you like, take inspiration from cultures around the world. Think back to holidays, look online or even plan a new holiday. Visit areas, countries or explore cultures to help understand what you like. Each culture has a unique style and flavour to their design. For example, Spanish influences can bring a real burst of colour and atmosphere to a space. Or perhaps you like the refined sophistication of the French style. Different cultures are a great way to work out what you identify with personally and would ultimately enjoy in your home.   Understand your colour pallet It sounds like a really simply task, but in reality, if you are like me you haven’t been asked the question “what is your favourite colour?” since primary school. Even then the answer was probably one of the primary colours. When you are trying to find the right interior design style for you, do a deep dive into the colours and variations you really like. Certain colours will suit certain styles, as well as discovering certain colours work and don’t work with each other. Look into the full spectrum of colours on offer, work out what you love and what you really can’t stand. This will help when trying to decide on a style, core colour pallet and complementary colour schemes. All of which will help inform the right style for you. Interior design can be a really difficult challenge to master, especially if you haven’t considered anything beyond the colour of the couch. However, few things are more rewarding when you get them right. Friends, family and guests will discover more about you and likely leave with a very complimentary view of your home. Discovering your style can take some time but is certainly one of those things you want to get right. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider using these tips to help you discover the right style for you.  ]]>

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