The Best Theme Parks on the Gold Coast


One of the many things the Gold Coast is known for is the incredible number of amazing theme parks it sprinkled all over. In fact, the theme parks on the Gold Coast make it the biggest collection of thrill rides and slides in the Southern Hemisphere.

What does this mean? If you’re a local, your life is already great but is about to get better with some more great options. And if you’re a tourist, you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from. And they’ll be more than enough to pull you away from your addiction to TV shows and your obsession to those fun casinos by Nektan. So here we goooooo….


Starting off at Seaworld, this is the theme park you’ll want to visit if you’re visiting with family. It’s a lowkey when compared to other theme parks, but its main focus is on animal attractions, exciting shoes, and educational presentations. You and your kids will learn more about sea creatures from a trip here than any book might have taught you.

Inside the park, watch adorable rescued penguins play and enjoy mealtime at Penguin Point, see the humble dolphins bond with humans at Dolphin Beach, or visit many other attractions like Shark Bay, Ray Reef, and Seal harbour. If you want, you could even watch the world’s most feared predators during their feeding session in Shark Encounter. For rides, your kids can enjoy on Storm Coaster and Nickelodeon Land. The park is located on Seaworld Dr, Main Beach.

Outback Spectacular

Now, this is a proper Australian experience right here. It’s a dinner and an entertainment show rolled into one mind-blowingly awesome theme park. First, you’ll be captivated by the death-defying stunts by the performers and find yourself yelling, hooting, and cheering out of your mind. Next comes the three-course gourmet Aussie feast that, to your excitement, includes beer and wine.

Make sure to head to Outback Spectacular early if you want to have fun at an Aussie pub while enjoying the pre-show entertainment. You’ll get to see and listen to some of Australia’s top musicians playing everything from orchestral style music to contemporary country and rockin’ blues. You’ll find the theme park on Entertainment Rd, Oxenford.

Warner Bros. Movie World

Choose this theme park and your kids will thank you with their hearts, and so will you. Of course, you’ll get to ride thrills like the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster and the Doomsday Destroyer, where you’re literally flipped upside down, along with a host of other movie-themed thrill rides. Keep an eye out for the Hypercoaster, not that you’ll miss it, that reaches speeds of 115km and boasts the world’s first non-inverted loop.

When you’re ready to take a break, watch the Hollywood Stunt Show or the Streets Star Parade. Or why not watch a movie in the Movie World? Suffice to say, the Warner Bros. Movie World is a magical world where anything can happen. Check it out at Pacific Mwy, Oxenford.


On the list of the biggest aquatic playgrounds in the world, Wet’n’Wild stands second only behind the fricking ocean. Whether you’re thinking of a first date, a family hangout, or just a day with your friends, Wet’n’Wild is perfect for everything. What can you do here? More than you can imagine, that’s for sure.

The park has thrilling water rides like the Kamikaze, where you’ll experience zero gravity, and the Mach 5, which will take you on incredible speeds on the longest slide at the park. When you’re fingers get all wrinkly and you start feeling the chills, you can simply perch under a cabana or spend some time in the hot tub. You can wet and wild at the Pacific Mwy, Oxenford.