The Elegance Evaluation – A Guide to Completely Switching Your Decor Style


“We all fancy ourselves style gurus. Our tastes might not always reflect the mainstream, but damn we know what looks good! That’s why it is important that you are always content with your décor style, and willing to add and subtract features that are going to make a space sing. If you have decided to switch your décor and make some changes, then follow these key considerations to ensure you are on the right track, and remember that for home improvement jobs there are companies that provide different home improvement services such as underpinning by Geotech

Optimize the best features

If you are taking the time to change your décor style, you may as well survey the space and make sure you have optimised the best features. Sometimes, you don’t know the best features until you have lived in your home for a while, so now is the time to strike. Windows are usually an under-utilized design element, and the right choice in blinds will highlight that perfectly. Also pay close attention to where the nature light in the room falls, as you can then dress this space with something that can act as the feature for a room.

Repurpose, replace or rehome

Switching your décor style will mean at some point that you have to replace, rehome or repurpose. Sort each item in your space into one of those three categories, and get about making those changes. Repurposing for you may means upcycling and reupholstering, or moving different furniture into new rooms, or even dry-cleaning your rugs and making them a wall art feature. Replacing items is as fun as it sounds, but don’t be too quick to discard your items as it is an expensive process and contributes to a destructive throw-away mentality. When you want to rehome your décor items, you can pass them on to charity or list them on buy and sell platforms.

Functionality is key

Evaluating your home before you switch and upgrade means casting a critical eye over the functionality of your home. Think access points, connectivity, switch placement and storage solutions. When we move into a home, we are bursting to get started and functionality falls to the bottom of the list and the style and feel tends to direct our decision making. Put on your critic hat and walk through every room slowly so you are not missing an opportunity for enhanced functionality.

Identity why the change?

So, before you start making the changes, take 5 minutes to identify the reasons that you arrived at making changes. You will be destined to make the same missteps and design disasters if you don’t recognize the things you want to change, and actively avoid making them again.  Maybe your décor is too dark and bringing down the energy and feel of the room, so a facelift of the space will be off to the wrong start if you have selected another dark carpet and paint tone. Flick through some home décor magazines and draw some crosses and ticks over themes you like so that you can start to build a new design preference.

It’s an exciting time to switch your décor style and bring some fresh eyes and fresh inspiration to the place you call home. Whatever the reason for arriving at this point, own the decision and take the necessary steps to make your reinvented space an improved flow and design.