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The Launching Point – A Guide to Accessorising With Jumpsuits

There’s no need to make a simple outfit, like a jumpsuit, the most difficult thing in the world. When wearing a jumpsuit, you’ll find that you can cater it to any event, as well as giving it your own personal style twist. Luckily for you, we have a guide to accessorising with jumpsuits that should give you some inspiration.

A Casual Evening Out

Whilst there is a stunning range of evening jumpsuits in Australia to choose from, that doesn’t mean the look they offer can’t be complimented for a night out. Have a fun idea for your outfit, but think that your jumpsuit is too casual? Throw on a leather jacket or nice cardigan. This immediately looks classier and evening-worthy. Don’t think a pair of heels would suit your casual look? Choose any type of flats that match the style and colour of your jumpsuit. Stick to traditional flats though; sandals or anything similar suit more of a daytime look.

A Jumpsuit for Sunday Brunch

Dressing up for brunch can be difficult. A lot of Sunday brunch fashion stems from whatever mood the event is looking to create. There are the hungover tired people and then there’s the extremely energetic early-risers. A jumpsuit is beneficial to both sorts of Sunday people, as it’s simple and easy to chuck on. A denim jumpsuit for these cases, is the perfect go to. Not only is denim an absolute classic, but denim can be matched with a lot of things. The ultimate look with a denim jumpsuit is a white, beach hat. White and blue look simple and elegant and a cute bucket hat to compliment this is a bonus.

A Floral Jumpsuit

What’s a better vibe than a pretty, floral jumpsuit during Spring time? It simply makes you feel good and leaves you shining all day. With that said, accessorising with a floral jumpsuit may be tricky. The most important tip to consider when shopping for accessories to match your floral jumpsuit – Pick a neutral colour (Black, White, Beige, Nude). Why? Choosing bright colours or other designs will be overpowering to your look.

An Elegant Evening Out

A fitted jumpsuit is perfect for a formal type of occasion. Style up your jumpsuit with a glamorous belt- think sequins, patterns and metal. Consider your shoes when matching your belt. Since this look is recommended for an occasion, stilettos will look the greatest. Important tip: since this type of jumpsuit creates a fitted ankle look, don’t cover your foot with closed shoes. Your feet and glamorous heels are the highlight of this look. To add more of an effect to this highlight, choose heels that are out there. Think sparkles, they are sexy with a simple and elegant evening jumpsuit.

Corporate Blazer

Who said you can’t wear a jumpsuit that’s work-friendly? The right length, design and colour of a jumpsuit can definitely be made up to look work-friendly. Tip #1, stick to smart work colours – Black, white, grey, navy blue, etc. To make your jumpsuit office-like, add a matching work blazer. This look isn’t recommended for warmer months… but certainly could work in Winter. Taking off the blazer could be inappropriate for work, if the jumpsuit reveals your shoulders.


So now that you’re a jumpsuit queen, your ready to rock it at any occasion there is. With all the tips and tricks of accessorising with any type of jumpsuit, we guarantee you will be surrounded with an endless stream of compliments. So, have fun shopping for that perfect jumpsuit that calls out to you, and of course, happy accessorising!

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