The Past & Future – Australian Sports Stars


The ESPN World Fame 100 is one of the most prestigious tips of the most successful sports stars and athletes on the planet. This selective rundown of both male and female athletes is completed by following a few criteria such as social media following of the nominees, their revenues based on endorsement deals and their Google Trend scores. Surprising or not, Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s star is on top of this list for the fourth consecutive year. Australian sportsmen and sportswomen did not make it to the list this year but that doesn’t mean we lack famous stars in the world sports arena. Below we are going to reveal some of the top Australians within national and international sports;

Jason Day, The Number One Golfer In Australia

Jason Day is Australia’s no.1 ranked professional golf player with an amazing career reaching all the way to the top of the World Golf Ranking in 2015. He has twelve PGA titles and finished in the Top 20 at three of the previous four Majors. His pleasant and chill personality is what makes Day so loved by the public but he struggles with injuries since the age of 13. Ever since he won the PGA Champion in 2015 the golfing world has been waiting for a return to top positions. Based on the odds from the main bookers it was clear that many expected Jason to do exactly that and reach the top-10 in the Australian Open this year. Unfortunately Jason had to withdraw from the International Presidents Cup due to a back injury and also missed the Australian Open. His world rank of December 2019 is 31 but the question now is if he has reached the end of his career. We certainly hope not! If you want to follow the odds on Australian Golf click here.

Nick Kyrgios Beat Rafael Nadal

It happened at the Mexican Open and the impressive and unexpected victory projected his career up high. Kyrgios had both of his knees taped during the first set against Nadal (No.2 player on the planet) and he wasn’t looking on top of his game. He was even close to pulling out of the game during one of his medical breaks. But instead of doing that, he kept playing and even tried an underarm serve. He had to endure the public’s booing and even had a small conflict with Nadal because of wasting time. Ultimately, he managed to save three match points in winning and scored his best result in the past two years. When Nadal accused him of not showing respect to the audience, himself and his opponent, Nick responded that Nadal has no clue what it took for him to get there so his opinion does not matter to him. Love him, hate him – his Australian and he defeated Nadal, so you’d better keep an eye on him next time you want to look for a good betting opportunity.

Daniel Ricciardo, An Aussie Happy-Go-Lucky Racer

He won the most popular and reputed motorsport race on the planet, the Monaco Grand Prix. Daniel is, in fact, one of the four Australia racers to ever win a Formula One race, which makes his popularity go through the roof. For 2020 Daniel is leading the Renault team and nothing should be taken for granted but the odds are in favor of the Ferrari and Mercedes teams to reach the top of the podium in 2020.

NBA Star Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is on the rise in the NBA and his fellow Australians couldn’t be happier. He received the title for the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2018 and he contributed to Philadelphia 76ers’s wins that lead the team to the 4th place in the Eastern Conference standings. It is expected for Simmons to soon sign off a huge deal while deciding whether to wear Australia’s jersey during the FIBA World Cup.

Sir Donald George Bradman – The Best Batsman In History

The Don was one of the most spectacular, praised and beloved international cricket players with Australian origins. His test batting average was 99.94 and it has often been called the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any sport. Aussies love their cricket and The Don is definitely a national legend and an example for all cricketers who are now trying to walk into his shoes and follow his example.

Lleyton Hewitt Won A Grand Slam Trophy

Another living legend, an ace in the world of professional tennis and the youngest male to become number 1 at the age of 20 back in 2001, Lleyton and his backwards cap are hard to forget. He had a rather unapologetic style of playing tennis and his well-known beef with Bernard Tomic, one of the biggest brats that the world of tennis has ever seen made more fans express their endearment towards them.

Looking forward to 2020 we also want to mention some of the amazing Australian Sports Women;  Sam Kerr, the “Queen” of soccer who has won Australia’s Julie Dolan medal twice! Tyler Wright, another woman we hope to see during the coming year. This pro surfer has 13 WSL events wins and 2 WSL Titles among her major achievements and we hope she will have a full health recovery and return to the water! For a list of the 50 most influential women in Australian sport click here.

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