The pokie attraction: What makes pokies so popular in Australia?


Charles Fey is a name that most people would not have known if it wasn’t for his greatest invention, the slot machine. Better known in Australia as pokies, slot machines were ‘’born’’ in 1895 when Charles Fey decided that people would jump on the possibility of playing an interactive game and win some money in the process. He wasn’t wrong, as pokies are today one of the most popular pastimes in Australia.

These days, you can find pokies all around Australia, in clubs, poker-based clubs, and casinos, not to mention the online world. A bit of trivia for you; at least in Australia, pokies are popular with both sexes, the female population being interested in them the same as the men, the audience Fey originally targeted.

Classic machines, and ones of the original designs of the German-born American inventor had a clear 3 reels, 1 pay line structure. Nowadays, highly computerized pokies offer variable pay lines, coin denomination options, bonus features, free spins features, not to mention the cool 3d graphics and sound effects. While the first pokies available had only one way of paying you, progressive jackpots are right now the way to go and the industry standard.

Land-based and online pokies might be the same In structure, need or meaning, but they share different values and are for different purposes. Nevertheless, online pokies are popular and will continue to be so for a number of common reasons. The pretty lights, loud progressive jackpots and the thrill of the money you could win are all components of the success of the real money pokies. While playing pokies in a land-based location, like a pub or casino, is quite the social event, when you can socialize and meet other people, all while enjoying a good ol’ pokie session, the comfort of playing an online pokie from your couch or on your phone cannot be substituted, really.

People pay real money pokies for different reasons, though. Most beginners play for fun, for that relaxing feel or for the opportunity of winning some cash in a playful manner. The fact that most people do realize that the pokie has a built structure that favors the vendor plays in favor of that cool, laid back-approach. Even considering this fact, Australians dominate the market, a 2011 study showing that there was one pokie machine for every 124 Australians. In total, there are 196,748 pokie machines in the country right now New South Wales has the most pokies machines in the country, with 94.105, with Queensland and Victoria rounding out the top 3, with 46,873 and 28,935 respectively. Even given these statistics, the numbers are still growing by the day, indicating that playing real money pokies might not be just a relaxing activity, but a preferred pastime that people use more often than not.

Many have said that playing real money pokies gives them that light buzz, that tingle in the fingers that they need in order to escape their lives for just a little bit. The intersection of old, classic-structured pokies and the new, graphically-beautiful and more interactive ones has molded the players into one category. You would think that, if and when talking about a relaxing hobby, people would stick to their preferences, but it seems that the prospect of winning some money clearly outweighs the pastime feature.

The overgrowing industry and appearance of more and more developers, along with the classics that include Ainsworth or Aristocrat, has forced newcomers to increase the RTP ( return to player) so that more players choose their machines. In usual terms, return to player refers to the percentage that is paid back to the player for every 100 $ spent.

In conclusion, pokies are popular in Australia for a number of reasons. People choose them because it relaxes them, others because come with the possibility of earning some cash. Whatever the reasons are, developers seem to be able to respond to and aid the needs of the Australian people.

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