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The Wage Wishlist – How to Improve Your Payroll and Invoicing in 2019

Many of us are guilty of feeling that December angst. We all feel the pressure of the end of year approaching, and the expectations can be a little lofty. As the new year takes shape, set an intention to be better and do better by improving your payroll and invoicing in 2019. If you make this pledge each year and find those plans seem to get away from you, follow this guide to making your payroll and invoicing intentions stick.

Enlist the experts

You’ve probably tried to re-configure the team and processes so many times already, but you can’t quite seem to make it work for the business. It’s time to consider outsourced Payroll Companies who can champion your payroll and invoicing needs, giving you valuable time back in your day. Imagine the work that can be done on the business when you are not working in the business, and the relief you and your team will instantly feel by not being overloaded each month. Outsourced services will handle these tasks to the highest standard, streamlining the process considerably and in some cases – eliminating the chance of human error altogether.

Streamline training

When you look at the training you and your finance team have received over the year – can you honestly say that you are all in good shape? How many of us have received training that more closely resembles Chinese Whispers; changing and morphing to a point where everyone knows pieces but not all of the process. Take time out of the working week to get your team together to re-align on training and best practise, so that you can move forward as a unified and consistent unit. You may even uncover experts in the process which can be mentors to those newer to the team. There may also be value in seeking third party training or training that comes from the software provider that you are affiliated with.

Re-educate your clients

Your clients are going to enter 2019 with new ideas and fresh plans. They are absolutely open to change, and you are going to give them a re-education in what your requirements are from them. Set out a clear and friendly email or memo that stipulates paying methods, times and communication that will get the best from both sides of your teams. This communication will not be ill-received, as they know these prerequisites already. They are aware that you don’t put a due date on invoices for fun – so it’s time to serve them up a re-education and reminder so that they can re-focus their efforts and set a new regime.

Remind your workplace of your function

In a workplace, everyone believes that they are working harder than the rest of the working community. Except with finance? It’s probably a correct complaint. But there is no use complaining about procedures, simply set up a session with your rest of team and walk them through any issues that create bottlenecks in your working function. Collaboration is the missing ingredient in many workplaces, and without it no one has a shared vision or any cause to help their neighbour. Set the trend of collaboration and watch other department’s step out of the shadows and share their pressures and plans also.

What potential lies in a new year. So many opportunities to cast out the older and less-efficient shackles that weigh us down, and embrace newer and sleeker plans that will give you back those wasted hours. Make it a shared priority so that you get the best out of all.

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