The world of online entertainment is set to change forever


We spend more and more time online today than ever before, and it’s growing, but the game is about to change. 

Online entertainment as we know is about to change with the launch of new streaming services and different modifications of online entertainment. the online casino of NZ is one of these modifications.

If a decade ago, you mostly were visiting a casino when on a vacation – now it’s very different. You can play almost any game you want at home, using your computer, mobile phone or even a TV box. You can play VR games online with people from all over the world and the entire industry of online entertainment has been changed greatly and keeps improving with various live features added to almost every part of the industry. For example, Netflix launched a few interactive movies, where you can decide what will the character do and according to your choices you get a different ending.  

Streaming Services 

We remember the launch of Netflix for many of us as a holy grail type of moment, goodbye advertising and hello hours and hours of entertainment. Fast forward a few years, and we’re now suffering from subscription fatigue and an ever-changing list of streaming options. 

Today a new player entered the market TUBI a completely free streaming service, that is ad-supported and bringing a range of b-grade content with its launch including the old favourites The Blair WitchProject, Kickboxer and Stranger Than Fiction.

Disney is set to launch its service shortly, and Apple is working up its offerings, so expect some big things from these behemoths who will be trying to get your attention. 

Video Games

Growing up in a household where video games we’re seen as the lazy man’s entertainment and fostered no hope of bringing any future with them that opinion has now been shattered. 

E-sports leagues are popping up across the globe, and thousands of people are paying to watch tournaments and millions watching at home on television you could say this is the first step in a worldwide expansion of video games. 

Regional specific content

Streaming companies like Netflix are now developing content not just in their Hollywood studios, but moving the search globally and endorsing local productions with Australia, New Zeland and Europe all featuring in recent production purchases.

Recently released production Tidelands was Netflix’s first releaseof an Australian Drama original starring Elsa Pataky a keenly intelligent leader of the Tidelanders; a woman unafraid to do anything to meet her ruthless ends. 

The series was produced in Brisbane by production company Goodlum and executive producers Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield. 

What’s Next 

Stay tuned as more competitions enter the market, and more prominent names take part in direct to streaming productions as they spend the big bucks to lure you over to their subscription.

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