Three Common Challenges Life Throws At You and How To Deal With Them


Individual human lives are infinitely varied and complex. Yet even though we are all inherently unique, and brought up in different circumstances, each one of us faces similar problems. There seems to be a common set of challenges that form part of the human experience.


In this respect, perhaps we are all destined to face these difficulties in one form or another. But it’s how we respond to them that really matters.



Human beings can’t live in isolation. Fulfilling relationships are one of the keys to being happy. Yet relationships are complex playgrounds of interaction, emotion, and compromise. In a lot of ways, they seem to make life more complicated. The deeper the relationships, the more challenging they become.

It’s important to accept that this is normal. It might feel like relationships are the cause of all of your problems, and in the case of toxic affairs, it could be true. They can also be the greatest pleasure in life, whether friendship, family or romantic.

There’s also an inherent risk that comes with getting close to people, especially in a romantic sense. Many individuals experience break-ups at some point in their life.

This can leave you feeling like a victim and shut you off from human connection. Over time, you have to heal and learn to trust and love again, so that you can find meaning in the old, and embrace new relationships and opportunities for closeness.


Money and Debt

Money is the root of evil (or is it greed?), but we all need it to survive, and when we end up without it, everything else in life is more stressful. Those who have too much money have their own problems, as money cannot buy happiness, but being stuck without it is, unfortunately, a lot worse.

There are problems within society and on a global scale that make money more of an obstacle than it needs to be, but on an individual level, we have to focus on what we have control over.

A lack of money can help you to prioritize and to become more resourceful. But in general, budgeting and getting back on track with money is the best way to physically solve your own money troubles. Loan options such as personal loans from the bank, or short term loans that are based on your current financial situation, can offer temporary relief, but long term it’s more about developing your skills and reaching for financial freedom.


Existential Crisis  

Though there are many human challenges that this article could end on, from health to career, from failed goals to unfulfilled expectations, the most impactful may actually be the existential crisis’ that many people all around the world face during their lives.

An existential crisis is a challenge of inner conflict. “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, “What is the meaning of life and where do I fit into it?”. These are universal questions that no one can give you answer to. You have to work it out by yourself, for yourself.

Our moments of existential crisis are actually fundamental to our being. They represent our search for truth and higher meaning. Our quest to understand our self and about the world that we live in. Our attempt to organise chaos into order by creating meaning.

Existential crises are never ‘solved’. They are transcended and become a part of the self that we become when we stabilise once again. Be willing to change, and embrace the inner drama and the peace of mind that will arise from it.