Tips for dressing like a MAN


An attire that gives you a classy look might make someone else look too pedestrian – not necessarily what works best for you will work best for me. But, trust us or not like everything in life knowing to dress well also has a rule book – follow it take guidance from it, but make the rule book your periphery is sure to help you. 

With fashion becoming more and more experimental, more trend-aware, and varied even for men, where’s the harm to have a guide that you can rely on at times of dire confusion?

The below rules have been there since ages; it’s just that at times we need a reminder like mens dress shoes Melbourne is a package and goes hand in hand.

A rulebook to dress like a man

Wear your suit right

We are not hinting the color of your suit – but the fit! You can select the color as per the occasion and your choice, but never wear an outfit that hangs on your shoulder and makes you look like hanger and not a man.

Invest in a watch

Watches are too personal for men, but imagine someone wearing a rugged sports model in a formal meeting – it will grab attention, but always a positive one. So, invest in them wisely, and once again, comfort is prime. You shouldn’t be fidgeting with your watch while on a date with your fiancé.

Colors are for men too

If you feel all the bright colors in this world is meant for women, then you are wrong. Move out of grey and black, and experiment with other colors such as blue, green, mustard, and don’t fret from pink. You needn’t be a walking rainbow, but one garment with an extra dose of color always works wonders.

Shoes complete your attire

Indeed, it’s true that a man is known by his shoes – so invest in them rightly. Shoe stores in Perth have some beautiful and vast collection of shoes starting from lace-up boots, and bubbled shoes to slip-ons. Try them out before purchasing and take help from the salesperson if required, but invest in quality shoes.

Look in the mirror

From an early age, you must have known, take care of your belongings. Dresses came at a substantial cost, but even if you wear a branded suit, which looks crumpled – you are going to ruin the moment. Having said that, when you look at the mirror, take a careful look at yourself. Follow a diligent grooming regime, trim your hair, and clean your nails – remember the devil resides in the details.

Keep your underwear simple

One thing that will not be visible to others in the first go is your underwear – so let this style be for yourself first. Heavily branded underwear does not guarantee comfort always, so invest in the cut and style, you are comfortable. And grown-up, men can avoid novelty prints!

Dress for the occasion

Style is not merely about expressing yourself. But, it is also about dressing appropriately for your setting. Dresses are codes that need to work correctly with the environment to give it the correct meaning. The last thing that you should do is look and feel out of place.

Your glasses complement your face

Invest time and energy on your glasses because they not only give you a clear vision but also adds to your look. While picking up glasses, try out a few, consider your eyebrows relation to the toplines’ of the glasses – straight goes well with straight and curved with curved. Also, take into account your hair cut.

When in doubt, stick to white

Any shirt will indeed look expensive if it’s appropriately ironed and fits you correctly. With fashion being exceedingly experimental, try out anything new you want to. But, when in doubt go by the classic white shirt – it will never dishearten you!  

Bottom line

Don’t dress to impress anyone else – but yourself. Only when you are comfortable with your looks, you will pass on the message to others. And if the situation demands, don’t hesitate to break the rules.