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Top 6 myths about plus size styling that need to be done away with

plus size lingerie or a dress, there are certain tips that influence women’s fashion sense.  Some of these tips might be helpful and actually improve your look, but most of them are unwanted interventions and only keep you away from wearing what you want. So, we have taken this upon us to bust top 6 widely believed myths about plus size styling.


MYTH: Horizontal stripes are a big no no, and make you look wider. FACT: Whoever “invented” this myth, could have got it anymore wrong. Stripe, whatever the kind, look great on everyone despite their size. The truth really is that you should avoid clothes with big, wide horizontal stripes. You can go for asymmetrical stripes, that will be incredibly flattering on you Source


MYTH: Steer clear from the button down shirts. FACT:It has been believed that button down shirts are not for plus size ladies, and this is absolute rubbish. Button down shirts on the contrary flatter your curves; try it for yourselves. The key really is in the styling and the cloth material. You want to go for a shirt which has a stretch and some details in it. Layering the shirt with a blazer is also a great idea. Source


MYTH: Opt for smaller prints and avoid loud prints. FACT:Yet again, alarmingly false. There is really no reason so as to why you should not go for bold and loud prints; because they don’t do anything to make you look unattractive, on the contrary, they accentuate your curves. In fact, you can avoid a dress if the prints are too tiny. Source


MYTH: Make black your best friend and ditch other colours. FACT: Their is absolutely no denying the fact that black is a colour which looks extremely flattering on everybody. However the second part of the above mentioned “styling tip” holds absolutely no significance. There is no reason to avoid any colour, so, wear any colour that you like. Source


MYTH: Baggy clothes are do wonders in hiding your fat so, opt for loose clothes. FACT:With the above mentioned myth, there goes a corresponding myth that you should not wear clothes that are too tight as they get you the unwanted attention to your curves. Both of them have no base and should be disregarded. Baggy clothes will not make you look “thinner” and tight clothes will not make you look “fat”. Source


MYTH: Skinny jeans and pencil skirts are not for you. FACT:Have you ever seen a plus size girl wearing skinny jeans or a pencil skirt? If you have, we are sure that you must be wondering that where did this myth even sprout from, right? Both these clothing pieces look absolutely flawless on plus size women and are perfect for “plus size” women Source So ladies, don’t hold yourself back. Why should you not wear something that you want to, just over a myth? Right. Go ahead experiment and try on new things. Go on, punch these myths right in face and wear “your clothes” “your way]]>

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