Top Careers for Creative Individuals


Events Working in events is extremely proactive and requires someone who thrives in fast-paced, dynamic environments – perfect for the creative. It also will allow you to follow an interest that keeps you focused, such as music, weddings, business, or circuses! Studying events is becoming more widely acknowledged, and a number of courses are now available through sites such as www.evocca.edu.au, or through universities and online short courses.


Publishing is perfect for all the creative-types out there as it can cater to a huge range of talents and interests. In this industry you will rarely be doing the same thing day to day – helping you to stay focused! Publishing involves design, writing, editing, photography, printing, sales, and advertising, just to name a few. It also offers a variety of avenues for you to start in, such as writing, which you can then pursue as a career in its own right.


This can actually be an ideal choice for the hands-on person – and you don’t have to be a guy! Carpentry can provide a real window of opportunity for the creative individual as it is actually a door to a variety of career paths. This practical skill will allow you to get into furniture construction, theatre and movie prop production, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry design, and even building in general.


Working in the field of graphics is perfect for those that love anything from photography and drawing, to topography and design. And in the age of technology, the need for talented individuals with graphic design qualifications is growing. This career path can lead to employment in magazines, as illustrators, as gaming or motion graphic designers, or can be the foundation for your own freelance work.


Studying business is a fail-safe option for any creative, as many will usually end up developing their interests into their own work source – a great idea for those that really struggle with finding a satisfying job. Although, having knowledge of business is also great for creative people who aren’t looking for self-employment. Knowing how to develop business models and adapt procedures to established companies will allow your creative mind to tinker and expand, and really make a strong impression on your role and its position in the pecking order. If you are a creative mind who is constantly looking for new ideas, that perfect job or chasing your next life pursuit, then you know settling for second best can be hard. The great thing about being creative though is that you have the ability to be flexible to your circumstances. Make the most of this talent! If you use your environment to your strengths you can’t really go wrong. As a creative individual, what is the hardest thing you find about work? Discuss your answers below.]]>

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