Top Trends and Tips for Male Hair

Top Trends and Tips for Male Hair

New hairstyles for men are constantly popping up and older ones are creatively recycled. In a barber’s shop, you could either end up with the “usual” or something more trending and appealing depending on your decision to go with the flow or stick with your usual. From easy-to-pull-off styles to high maintenance ones, here are some of the top trends for male hair:


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1) The Textured Crop

This was a strong trend last year and is still going strong, with more creative ways. This haircut usually combines texture on top, a kind of fringe and a nice fade. This style, as a comeback of the widely averted fringe cuts of the nineties, is not antisocial but rather flattering for majority of its wearers. This cut works with natural hair growth patterns and is best on thick hair with a natural texture. Hair thinning scissors are used to reduce bulk. This style is easy to maintain and is more appreciated by those with little time left for hair care. Add a line up under the curly fringe to give this look an unexpected contrast.

2)  Cool Buzz Cuts

Initially seen as a military cut, fresh buzz cuts are now a current trend. Traditionally, the buzz cut is associated with a rebellion against the norm and so, to pull off this look, be ready to part with that little aspect of compliance to society. As a trend, you may need to tailor this cut to suit your personality.

Adding a fade to a short buzz, or adding a shaved line or even dyeing to a bold primary colour would do the trick here. It is important to also know that any bumps or lumps on the head would be visible with a buzz cut. To avoid this, feel your scalp for any of these and use the mirror to imagine what you would look like with a buzz cut.

3) The Undercut Quiff

This year, the quiff has moved from its default adolescent hairstyle status to a serious grown up hairstyle, thanks to the addition of a sharply contrasting undercut and a matte textured finish. This style works best when there is plenty of hair on top to be slicked back but the longer the hair, the more time it takes to style it.  This style requires quite a lot of effort for maintenance.

To tailor this style to your personality, use variations in the undercut by making it soft, severe or with gentle graduation. However it is done, the contrast between the long and short hair is what makes the look.


The hair and scalp are mostly ignored by male folks. With continued ignorance, the scalp becomes greasy, hair follicles break and create a receding hairline. Here are foolproof tips for taking care of your hair and scalp to prevent these problems:

1) Avoid over-washing: Contrary to television ads that say “wash, rinse and repeat everyday”, washing your hair once or twice a week is enough. Over-washing strips out the natural oils in the scalp, making the hair look dull, dry and weak. Using the right shampoo and conditioner a maximum of thrice a week, makes your hair softer and healthier.

Personal hygiene standards may vary due to different lifestyles and activities but it is necessary to limit hair washing with shampoos to keep the natural oils that nourish and protect the hair.

2) Be gentle with your hair: It is better to pat your hair dry rather than rub it vigorously with a towel. This is because wet hair tends to be weaker and more vulnerable to damage. Rubbing the hair vigorously causes friction that can lead to breakage. A soft cotton T-shirt can be used instead of a towel to prevent such damage. Exposing the hair to excess heat from hair dryers set to maximum heat or use of  scalding hot showers makes your hair frizzy and weak.

It may be time consuming but air drying hair or blow drying with a hand dryer set to cool mode is a safer option. It is also necessary to avoid tight hats and ponytails because they cause traction alopecia, a condition that causes permanent hair loss.

3) Stay healthy: The health of your hair is a direct reflection of your lifestyle and general health. Your hair is the first thing most people notice about you. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your hair healthy at all times. Eating well, drinking lots of water, exercising and getting enough sleep are principles that boost good health, healthy hair included.

Stress, insufficient sleep and a poor diet, increases the production of thin hair. Combat this menace  with a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits boosted with supplements like zinc and vitamins C and D. 

A hair routine is compulsory for healthy hair. A good hair routine involves knowing the nature and texture of your own hair, picking the right timing for haircuts and using less products to avoid product build up. 

With haircare, less is more and the hair is only as healthy as the scalp so it is necessary to care as much for the scalp as the hair.

Before jumping on a trend, one’s shape of face and hair texture should be taken into consideration. You should choose a style that flatters your face. You should also choose a trusted barber you can seek recommendations from on certain products, trends and styles.

Top Trends and Tips for Male Hair
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