Travel to Play: The World’s Best High-End Locations for Getting a Taste of the Casino Life


There are many types of travellers: those who wish to get immersed into local culture and spend their days roaming the streets, those who stick to the Best Of in the sightseeing guide, and those who suffer from FOMO and wish to see everything and experience everything at its fullest. And of course, there are many people who travel in order to take part in an event or an activity that they really enjoy. From driving to a neighbouring country to attend a concert or travelling to a yoga resort or extreme sports destination, targeted travelling is not new. If you enjoy a good game of roulette or poker now and then, or simply if you are a James Bond fan, consider planning your next trip in a casino destination.

An Exercise in Luxury: Why Casino Cities Are Usually High-End Destinations

Casino cities are very popular and usually luxurious destinations, as the casino industry is famously rich and renowned for providing customers with the whole package. Famous casinos are usually landmarks in the cities where they belong, and they are frequently combined with other hospitality services like five-star hotels or fancy restaurants – so that you can also celebrate your winnings in style. Many casinos, for example in Las Vegas, hire entertainers and provide show nights in order to further enhance this atmosphere of fun, glitz and abundance.


After the advent of online casinos, the allure of the land-based originals has declined a bit. Especially among Kiwis, online casino pokies are very popular, from traditional three reel slots to progressive jackpot pokies, and people are increasingly discovering the wonders of placing bets and playing online slots games from the comfort of your home. This convenience has contributed to this decline – yet land-based casinos have developed their own myth over time and continue to attract people.

From Monte Carlo to Macau: The Best of the Best

Monaco is one of the top destinations when it comes to the casino industry. With its glitz and unparalleled atmosphere, the Monte Carlo casino is known around the globe and is considered one of the most iconic casinos. Conveniently situated on the Mediterranean, near the French Riviera and very close to the French-Italian border, Monte Carlo lends itself to some beautiful and scenic road trips, and even more amazing days on the beach. Its rival is Macau, also known as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient” or the “Vegas of China”. This Special Administrative Region is enveloped by China but retains some autonomy.

After being a Portuguese colony for some 300 years, Macau impresses visitors with its combination of cultures: the streets are covered with traditional tiles from Portugal, leading to ancient Chinese temples, and every meal is an exercise in culinary and cultural blending. The area’s economy is heavily dependent on the gambling and tourism industry, which feed each other. And when you think about tourism and casinos, it is hard not to think of Las Vegas, arguably the gambling capital of the world. The major tourist attraction in Vegas is its casinos, with their neon signs, their unique aesthetics and the history that goes with them.

So next time you want a different theme for your travel, why not choose a casino city? Combine luxury with some amazing locations – and spend a few days more if Lady Luck smiles on you.