Trendspotting – 6 Stylish Tips For Reinventing Your Spring Wardrobe


Spring is a much anticipated time of the year where we’re allowed to (finally!) cast off the shivers of winter’s icy hand.   As the weather warms, it can be useful to carefully edit and amend your wardrobe to suit the season. Not only will you be building a more stylish set of spring ensembles, but you can also engage in some much needed spring cleaning.   

A Clean Slate

Part of developing a strong seasonally appropriate wardrobe is being able to put away or give away clothing items that are no longer going to be worn. Set some time aside to clear out items in your wardrobe which are not going to be worn for some time. If you are keeping these items for next season, make sure to store them effectively. Placing cleaned items into vacuum bags with moth deterrents is key to those clothes surviving their time in storage. Items you don’t intend on wearing again can be donated or sold – with the money cleverly invested back into pieces you can wear now.   

Best Foot Forward

A great way to update your wardrobe for spring is to start from the ground. Spring footwear is diverse, is suitable across many different weather events, and can elevate an outfit from casual to colossal in no time. If you’re after an all-year addition to your wardrobe, women’s boots are an investment which can see you through multiple seasons, and are outfit appropriate for all environments. A pair of quality boots can transform an outfit into a ‘look’. Pair ankle boots with a slip or shift dress, and pair longer boots with jeans or tights. There are endless combinations which can carry you across seasons.


Time Capsule

If you’re longing for the chic minimalism of Scandinavian or European trendsetters (but don’t know where to start) a capsule wardrobe is an exciting, rewarding project. A capsule wardrobe consists of multiple ‘key pieces’ which can all be combined to create a revolving array of outfits. A capsule wardrobe often consists of around 20-25 pieces, including shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, footwear and outerwear. Pay attention to the way your selected pieces combine together. Ideally, individual pieces will harmonise with one another. They should also be made of quality, durable fabrics, and fit well.  

Fresh Palette

Spring is a time to experiment with colours and to reflect the changing outdoor environment. Prints encompassing florals, lace, sheer panels and bright pops of colour will all help you feel like you’re taking part in the seasonal shift, while also allowing you to transition from the heavier layers and indoor confines of winter. Look to greens, blues, crisp whites and ivories for inspiration – as well as pops of pink and magenta.  

Add Another Layer 

Using layers to create interest and warmth makes a lot of sense in changeable spring climates. Using items like scarves, cardigans and thin sweaters, you can vary thickness, texture and fit, while also giving yourself the flexibility to be able to remove or amend an item throughout the day.  

Fabric Society

Another benefit to the warmer spring weather is that it affords you the opportunity to wear luxurious natural fabrics, such as silk, cotton and linen. These fabrics are not only beautiful, but they are breathable and feel great against your skin in warmer weather.   Tops and scarves mode of silk pair wonderfully with linen trousers and cotton tees. For a bright, breezy outfit that moves as you move, consider switching fabrics for spring.

Spring is a wonderful time to express yourself, with a new palette of colours and textures which embrace the full bloom of the year’s most sensory season. By integrating a few choice changes to your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to step forward in a fashionable outfit, no matter what the weather is doing.