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Upcoming Gaming Events in 2018 Video games have been a big part of our lives for decades now, and it’s not going to change anytime soon. More than 68% of Australian play video games on a regular basis, 78% of which are over the age of 18, and that doesn’t even include those who prefer Australian online casino real money games. Due to the popularity of this market, new games and improved tech flood the stores in a constant stream, which makes it hard to keep up with all the changes without missing out on something new and exciting. If you want to stay in the loop and find out more about the latest changes in the industry, there is nothing better than visiting a gaming convention or two whenever you have the time for it. Those conventions allow you to check out the newest games and the most advanced tech without requiring that you make a purchase at the end of the night. So if you are a dedicated player and you want to find out a bit more about the upcoming gaming events, it is time for you to buy tickets to the nearest gaming convention right away!

Which Conventions to Visit

When you plan on going to a gaming convention, there are two things you should take into consideration: first of all, make sure that the time and place where the convention is being held are even relevant to your situation. Also, before you spend much time and effort on visiting a convention, make sure that the content interests you – check out the events’ agenda as soon as possible and decide whether the convention is worth your time or not. Which conventions should you visit? And what can they offer you? Find out the answers right away! 1. BrisCon – Taking place in Brisbane, April 28-29, this convention is worth your time and effort if you are located nearby. The entrance to this convention is free, and it has a lot to offer in terms of gaming options: you have various tournaments you can watch or partake in, a Bring and Buy option where you can trade your old table-top games for new ones, a variety of new games you might enjoy, and more! 2. Freeplay Independent Games Festival Melbourne – For five straight days, beginning on May 22nd, you can go crazy about anything and everything games related. This year, the theme of the festival is going to be “intersections”, emphasizing the fact that video games are not created in a vacuum, and you always get in contact with various cultures and art forms whenever you play. And judging by this years’ logo design – things are going to get crazy down there, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to have some fun! 3. Adelaide Press Play by Oz Comic-Con – On May 10th, you get to surround yourself with the coolest (and some will say, the geekiest) things you can think of! The exciting combination of Cosplay, gaming, and drinking (yes, the event is not for minors) will leave you breathless. The tickets are priced at $22.45, which is not cheap – but it is definitely worth your time and effort. 4. AVCon Adelaide – The annual gaming and anime festival in Adelaide is coming to town on July 20-22, so you should save the date right now. This convention combines two entertainment options all in one – and you are bound to enjoy it. 5. GAMMA.CON – On August 4-5, this convention comes to Canberra. The two-day event is all about entertainment, and if you decide to check it out, you will be able to get all the latest info regarding TV, movies, books, anime, gaming, and more. Are you excited yet? We know we are.

In Conclusion

There are more than enough gaming conventions and festivals in Australia, so if you are an avid gamer and you want to expand your knowledge when it comes to anything games related – you should visit such an event at least once a year. However, if video games are not challenging enough for you, you can give another sort of gaming a try – online gambling. There are plenty of online gambling venues you can visit in your spare time, so if you are interested in testing your limits – this is the way to go.]]>

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