Ways to support those Aussies affected by the Bushfire crisis

Ways to support those Aussies affected by the Bushfire crisis

We’re currently standing side by side with a battle-weary country that needs our help, our firefighters have been on the front lines for over 166 days and conditions are still breaking records and unprecedented fire conditions and losses daily.

With thousands of homes now lost and over 100,000 people displaced or evacuated from communities and sadly twenty people have lost their lives and we’re bracing for worse news by the hour.

It’s now time to unite and show that great mateship and if we can spare some support in the form of money, donations of time or resources please dig deep and show those who need it most we’re there for them.

We’ve put together a quick guide for making donations to those who need it most

Donate to our Rural Fire Services in your state directly to support and benefit our volunteer firefighters, some of these men and women have been on the fire-ground for over 166 days and have months left of the fire season and time from their families and friends and some have even lost their properties.

Support NSW Fire Service
Support CFA – Victoria

Or you can contact your local brigade in your area and offer goods like water, or services to members or the surrounding communities.

With many of our fellow Australian’s currently undergoing the most trialling of times the Australian Red Cross has mobilised to fire-grounds and will be supporting Australians with a range of resources and managing the distribution of funds, support and care through their bushfire fund.

There has currently been in excess of 8 million dollars raised but every cent will help someone in need you can donate to the Red Cross at the below link

Donate to the Red Cross

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