What Makes Waiakea Water Stand Out?


Introducing any new product into an already busy and saturated market requires a bit of thought and innovation. The bottled water industry was filled with name brand and generic products in 2012 when Ryan Emmons, the owner of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, launched his new bottled water. This was a well-thought-out process that offered the market something that was both unique and innovative. After Emmons, a Santa Barbara native, tasted water from his uncle’s well in Hawaii, an idea was born.


Anyone who has seen this product recognizes an eye-catching bottle design that stands out. This was more than a visually appealing technique for marketing. Make no mistake: the bottle design has come to be associated with the hallmark of a recognized brand. Ryan conducted his own research to determine the statistics associated with plastic pollution. He found that only 20% of bottles manufactured for water and other products are recycled.


Designing the Right Bottle

For the brand-new entrepreneur, packaging meant coming up with a design that was more than a conduit for his natural water product. It also involved research to find the right type of bottle and the right materials with which to develop it. Emmons settled on rPET bottles that are made from recycled materials. This was a way to ethically consider the environment and promote quality branding. This type of bottle produces the lowest emissions for shipping purposes. The company also uses TimePlast, which is an additive that ensures full decomposition of bottles within 15 years.


Providing a Healthy Product

The aqua blue bottle is not only attractive, but also stores some of the best drinking water on the market. Waiakea Water has been ranked high among similar bottled water products but still remains the only volcanic water available. This product is known to include natural minerals and is classified as purely pristine. It even stands out among waters that are said to be purified. Those waters generally have a pH of around 7. This product offers volcanic water benefits, achieving a pH of between 7.6 and 8.2. This is one of the most naturally alkaline waters available and, with its Waiakea Water pH, is less acidic and more hydrating than tap water.


Affecting the World

It is just as important to affect the world positively as it is to deliver a good product. Through its focus on providing natural water to customers, the company also focuses on the broader world. Through a partnership with Pump Aid, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water shows its humanitarian side. This relationship has paved the way for clean water on a global basis. It is a valued resource to communities that do not have access to this type of water or water in general. Ongoing efforts such as these are among the many things that make this water company unique.


Being Recognized

Being a frontrunner in the industry and offering a product that is socially, economically, and environmentally beneficial has made Emmons stand out. He has received a Leadership Award from the Specialty Food Association and various other accolades. These recognitions go far beyond the innovation in packaging. They look at the focus of the company and its commitment to providing water that is healthy and environmentally responsible. Advancements like those achieved by a product such as Waiakea Water tend to enhance the industry and make way for like minded entrepreneurs.

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