Why Betting on Surfing Can Improve Your Love of the Sport


If you’re a fan of sport then you’ve probably had a few bets on your favourite pursuit in the past. Although some people often see sports betting as a way to make a million, most people choose to ante-up for a bit of fun. Indeed, because you can wager as much as you like on a sporting encounter, it’s possible to inject an added layer of excitement into an event just by anteing up. Naturally, when it comes to the dominant markets in Australia, sports such as Aussie rules, rugby league and cricket are top dogs; however, there’s also a place in the market for surfers. Although it might not be the most popular sport in the world, surfing is a big enough industry to attract the interest of the world’s leading bookmakers. Indeed, when you head over to the betting news pages at bet365 and beyond you’ll find a myriad of surfing stats and odds.

Skills to Pay the Bills

Of course, you can’t simply ante-up on your favourite wave rider and expect them to win. Betting on any sport, surfing included, requires more than a modicum of skill and research is one of the most important. By now you already know that you can get the latest updates from the surfing world right here on gcmag.com.au; however, it’s important to broaden your horizons and glean some knowledge from other sources. Bet365 and its bookmaking peers often stock the latest updates about a range of sports, including surfing. Because punters want access to the latest data so they can improve their picks, bookies will tap into each market through a network of experts. Therefore, if you want to find out more about surfing, or place a bet, then it makes sense to head into the betting arena.

More than Information

Obviously you can’t simply read news stories and expect to become a successful surf speculator. To really thrive in the sports betting arena you need to fuse this knowledge with some basic skills. One of the most important skill any prospective punter needs to master is bankroll management. Not spending more than you can afford to is crucial in the sports betting arena. In general, if you have $200 to bet with, then each bet you make shouldn’t be more than $4. For example, if you were thinking about betting on the Billabong Pro Tahiti or the J-Bay Open, then you should place no more than $4 on the rider you think will win each event. 6b7a62a4

Forget About the Results and Have Fun

Beyond an understanding of who the hot rider is and how to manage your money, sports betting is about patience. Even if you read all the news and think you know who is going to win, the results won’t always go your way. This means you need to know how to stay calm even if you lose. As long as you do your homework, manage your money well and make the best moves possible, that’s all you can do. The result won’t always go your way; however, if you continue to do everything right then you’ll make a profit in the long run. Surfing is a great sport to watch, but it’s possible to make things even more exciting by placing a few bets on a competition. However, to ensure your excitement doesn’t turn to disappointment, it’s important that you follow the simple betting tips we’ve outlined in this article and continue to learn as much about the sport as you can on a daily basis.    ]]>

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