Winter wedding fashion guide for suave gentlemen

Go Black Tie Weddings are usually formal affairs, especially winter weddings; the air is chillier and people need to dress a bit warmer. Keep it simple: go suit and tie. The people at Politix have a great suit and tie collection to help style your winter wedding. Remember, there’s something about a guy at a wedding in a well-tailored suit that screams suave.

Match the Colour Scheme

Remember that invitation you got all those months ago? Try finding it again. If you take a look, it will probably have a few different colours on it. Chances are, those are the colours of the wedding. If you’re really getting into the festive spirit, choose a shirt, or tie, or both that are of a similar colour palette. Tip for the suave gentleman: if the colours are blue and yellow, pick your favourite of the two. You don’t want to match too much, but it shows that you thought long about your wardrobe choice. If you picked blue from the hypothetical wedding scheme, choose a shirt and tie that are different shades of blue. It usually works best to pick a lighter coloured shirt and darker tie.

Ever thought of a Vest?

What about suspenders? A vest or suspenders add a little bit of character to your look. Vests are great because they can act in place of a jacket, or coupled with. If you opt for the vest and jacket look, it’s definitely a more structured, more formal choice. A vest by itself is just that little bit more casual, and lets you mix-and-match the colours of your shirt and pants.

Suspenders are thought to be only for the eccentric fellow, but this is not the case. Suspenders are straight from the runway and add something extra to your wedding attire. Wear suspenders under your jacket and give the rest of the guests a surprise when you take the jacket off to bust a move. Suspenders can also help you add a pop of colour to a typically subtler wedding outfit.

Make a Statement

Winter is cold. It gives you the freedom to take chances with fabrics that would never work otherwise. The same can be said for weddings. Pair the two together, and you have the only reasons in the world to wear a velvet dinner jacket. Try a deep blue, or a rich burgundy and pair with black slacks. A velvet jacket screams suave, and you’re sure to make a statement at any wedding you go to.

Weddings are fun and about sharing special moments with your friends. Let your personality come through in your wardrobe choice. What’s your staple choice when it comes to picking a wedding outfit?



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