Zara Edgar – Miss Universe Australia 2020 Finalist Interview


Today we are talking with Zara Edgar from Western Australia on of the twenty-eight. Talented and inspiring women from all walks of life who are vying for the title of Miss Universe Australia 2020. 

In what has certainly been an unpredictable and unprecedented year of ups and downs we’re thrilled to bring you our ninth year of Miss Universe Australia finalist interviews. 

So Zara, why don’t you tell us about yourself? 

I grew up living between Melbourne CBD and a hobby farm out past Geelong where I found my adrenalin-loving side, learning to ride horses and mustering sheep and cattle on dirt bikes with my Dad at a young age. 

I have always been an adventurous and outdoorsy person who loves to travel, whether it be scuba diving off the Gulf of Mexico, or Snowboarding in Japan, I’m always looking for new and challenging experiences to stimulate that adventurous side of me. 

I moved myself over to Perth in 2018 to essentially try out a completely different lifestyle from the fast-paced living of Melbourne. Before moving, I had never been to Perth before, and after hearing such beautiful things about it, I chose to study my current degree of Business Law and International Business over here. 

Upon graduating, I intend to undertake a post-graduate course in Project Management, specialising in renewable energy, where I hope to one day be involved in the growth and expansion of the industry. The drive behind why I chose to study what I do, was to be in an occupation that makes a difference to not only the lives of others but to the world we live in.

The Miss Universe Australia program has been on hold since earlier in the year and now making its way towards a virtual final to be held on October 28, What motivated you to enter the Miss Universe Australia Program? 

I entered into the Miss Universe Australia program because it is part of my philosophy to challenge myself and do something different every day. Essentially, I believe the only way to overcome your fears and grow as a person is to challenge yourself by progressing out of your comfort zone. When this opportunity was presented to me, I thought wow, I’ve never done anything like this before, which scared me but also enticed me into seeing what I could make of it, pushing myself to potentially have the chance to make a difference. 

This year has been like no other, how have you been coping so far and what’s been the biggest challenge and positive that has come out of it all? 

I think I can speak for anyone when I say this year has thrown its fair share of curveballs, the norm of our universe has undergone a lot of changes and every day has been its unique adaption process. 

Living in Perth, we have been incredibly lucky with close to zero restriction for most of the year, although, with the hard border closures of W.A, I have been unable to see my friends and family back home in Melbourne for almost an entire year now. This has been a massive challenge for me not being able to be present and support them more during this time, but hopefully, it won’t be long now until families like mine will be able to reunite. 

Unfortunately, there were various fulfilling parts of the program that we missed out on doing due to COVID restrictions. Still, throughout the year, the girls have been each other’s rocks in helping one another get through one of the most challenging years ever. I would honestly do this program 100 times over so that I could share the same experience with these amazing people again.

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With everyone bringing such an individual flair to the competition, what do you think is something that will set you apart from the other contestants? 

I think that is one of the best things about the program; everyone does have the opportunity to bring something unique and beautiful into the competition, which makes the experience so much more enjoyable. 

I have met so many remarkable people with all kinds of inimitable personalities and backgrounds. Still, I think if I had to choose something to set myself apart, it would be my ability to engage with a crowd and my engaging confidence when public speaking. I have an extroverted personality, and that is something I will certainly do my best to use to my advantage.  

The winner of Miss Universe Australia 2020 will also receive the prestigious Minespec Parts grant worth $20,000 to spend on your education or business startup, what would you do if you received this grant? And would you say your answer has changed now during the current COVID climate?

If I were fortunate enough to win Miss Universe Australia and be gifted the $20,000 Minespec Parts Grant, I would put it towards my current and future educational studies. As I previously mentioned, I am in the process of completing a degree with the intention of pursuing a post-graduate course, so this grant would help me to achieve these goals of mine with a little more comfort. Because my studies are contributing towards my interests in renewables and the planet itself, my answer to this has remained the same. Although COVID has had an overwhelming and terrifying impact on our world, the impact of global warming could very well be a pandemic of the future that should still be kept at the forefront of our minds. 

First thing you will do when this pandemic ends? 

The first thing I will do once this pandemic is over is fly home to Melbourne to see my family. There is so much lost time to make up for, and family is defiantly the first place I would start. 

Place you will hope to travel to next? 

Aside from Melbourne, I missed the snow almost as much as home. Snowboarding is a huge part of my life, I usually fly to Queenstown every year for their ski season, and it was heartbreaking to miss out on doing that this year. So, depending on the time of year this pandemic ends (whenever that is), I’ll be where ever the snow is in the world at that time. 

Have you taken up a new hobby, skill or learnt a new dish during lockdown? 

I definitely found myself cooking a lot more. During the two months, Perth was in lockdown; I think I made gnocchi at least once a week, as well I successfully mastered the art of poaching eggs (very proud achievement). Myself and my housemates also took up an unhealthy interest in making deserts, New York-style cookies were a favourite and were baked at least 2-3 times a week for the house. They were undoubtedly a main culprit for the “iso bod” but god they were good. 

Gyms and exercise, in general, has always been my “feel good” escape from reality, but while they were closed, cooking became that new mental escape for me.

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