28 Acts added to Falls Festival Lorne

28 acts have just been added to the line-up! Including The Wombats who have already been announced to play at Byron Bay and Marion Bay. Who else is coming…?

Holy crêpe! The 2015 Falls line-up now available for breakfast! THE WOMBATS A neon coated cross between chaos and Morrissey – The Wombats return to our shores with a new album, a new outlook and a new set of smarter-than-thou classics! These Liverpudlian lads, led by the golden voiced Matthew Murphy, are in rarefied air at the moment. Stone cold indie stompers like ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Divison’, ‘Jump Into The Fog’ and ‘Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)’ previously saw them take the mantle as your favourite English pop band but their latest album, the stunning Glitterbug, and it’s singles ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’ and ‘Greek Tragedy’ have removed the English from the equation. Just like their deceptively stealthy marsupial namesakes, The Wombats are impossible not to love. DUNE RATS Up to no good as always, we welcome Dune Rats. Back from terrorising the United States with brothers in arms FIDLAR, The Dunies have shaken off the hangover and are ready to inflict a new wave of chaos on the unsuspecting patron. First bouncing to prominence on the strength of their singles Fuck It and Red Light, Green Light these Brisbane reprobates have coughed and spluttered their way into our hearts with their high energy pop punk and don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. Dismiss them as a novelty act at your peril though as there is some serious talent behind those clouds of smoke. How else would they have blagged their way onto stages with bands like The Hives and sold out multiple shows? Actually, don’t answer that. HARTS You know you’re doing pretty well when “the artist formerly known as…” starts giving you props. You know you’re doing even better when Prince just flat out flies you to his Paisley Park Studios for a jam. Consensus on Melbourne based prodigy Hart? He’s doing very well. In fact, such is the depth of talent and potential running through this young bucks veins that His Royal Badness himself had to comment on how he “reminds me of me at that age”. High praise very well earned as Harts has been bringing the house down since the release of his fantastic debut album Daydreamer in late 2014. On stage, he juggles smooth vocals, shredding guitar, keyboard, bass, loops and sequencers to produce an intense and unforgettable show. DJ YODA A stone cold pioneer not only in the DJ world but also in the hip-hop idiom, DJ Yoda is far from an ordinary scratch man. Perhaps best known for his seminal How To Cut & Paste series; a collection of mixes that take in styles as diverse as dunk, trap, pop, reggae or even big band swing, the man known to his family as Duncan Beiny has been looking forward for years. The achievements are numerous: one of the top three DJ’s in the world according to Hip Hop Connection, several acclaimed albums including 2012’s classic Chop Suey and this years groundbreaking live hip-hop album Breakfast of Champions, the first ever audio visual mix for BBC radio in 2013… the list goes on. DJ Yoda’s set at this year’s festival is unmissable. CITY CALM DOWN Products of a studied past and citizens of an exciting musical future, Melbourne’s City Calm Down are the type of band that demand attention. Their debut album In A Restless House is a product of roughly four years of relentless gigging and tireless honing of their melodically infused industrial sound. Imagine if someone put The Church, Joy Division and Bloc Party in a blender; this would be that smoothie. Their latest single Rabbit Run has been pricking up ears in all the right places and has seen them sell out shows all over the country. As they ride high on the strength of lead singer Jack Bourke’s muscular vocal talents and razor sharp musical arrangements that beg for the stage, City Calm Down are ready. MELBOURNE SKA ORCHESTRA Led by everyones favourite man about town Nicky Bomba, the Melbourne Ska Orchestra serve up their goods exactly as described: a drum tight ska explosion straight out of the music capital of Australia. Formed all the way back in 1993, this 34-piece juggernaut has grown to become an ARIA Award winning ensemble. Recently, they embarked on a mission to bring Melbourne ska to to the world, accomplishing this by performing at Glastonbury as well as to 50,000 people at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Their love of ska is centred around a combination of the Jamaican movement, UK Two Tone and present day Latino Ska. Conducted by the unflappable Mr Bomba, everything the MSO does is infused with a local Melbourne flavour. BANOFFEE Banoffee is the sweet solo sound of Martha Brown, a Melbourne songwriter with a keen ear for vintage synthesizers and modern R’n’B. Banoffee’s music recalls the balearic sounds of the 1980s and the futurist space of UK bass music, merging with her own arresting take on R’n’B, a musical place where Detroit inspired synths end up in love songs that sound distinctly modern. With the release of her second EP – Do I Make You Nervous? earlier this year she’s already receiving a raft of massive praise with bangers like “With Her” which she co-produced with Oscar Key Sung. GENERIK Party boy and rising star of the DJ scene, Generik (Tyson O’Brien) has completed a meteoric jump to fame. Cutting his teeth at notorious Melbourne clubs like ONELOVE and SuperDisco, this fiercely talented socialite branched out in 2014 with the release of his debut single “The Weekend”. From that point on the world was Generik’s oyster as he boarded Calvin Harris’ private jet for a ridiculous thirteen shows in eleven days in eight countries. Whether he’s partying with Kendall Jenner or dropping bangers, Generik is everywhere of late. His hashtag #tourofcool tells the story of an artist combing his love for euphoric dance music and party-starting to delve head first into the unstoppably popular EDM scene. VALLIS ALPS  Existing in the moments before you wake up and wondering whether you’re still dreaming or not, Vallis Alps are mysterious and exciting. A boy / girl duo from Canberra and Seattle respectively, their sound is informed by the likes of Flight Facilities but imbued with a sense of sparkling originality extremely rare in acts this new to the scene. Their single Young is testament to this; a dreamy track that floats along with just the right amount of production wizardry (courtesy of David Ansari) and smooth vocals (Parissa Tosif) so as to render it unforgettable. Riding above the hype to clock up millions of online and radio plays as well as a totally sold out first Australian tour, Vallis Alps are red hot. I OH YOU DJS  Tastemakers, promoters, party animals, businessmen and DJ’s; is there anything I OH YOU can’t do? Initially formed as a means of paying an overdue gas bill, I OH YOU have spent years cultivating a reputation for good times and razor sharp music recommendations. You’ll know about their promoting capabilities as they’ve brought you the likes of Foals, The Drums and Unknown Mortal Orchestra under the banner of one of Melbourne’s best loved party nights. You’ll also know about their record label as they look after former festival alumni Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays, Bleeding Knees Club and this years City Calm Down. Now imagine what a bunch of blokes with taste that impeccable could do behind the DJ decks. Imagine no more. THE BENNIES Here’s trouble: it’s The Bennies. How much can we actually say about this band and still keep it legal? Let’s see… well they’re really good, that’s a start. If you like reggae, ska, doom, metal, punk rock from hell then you’ll definitely be into it. Their live show is chaos – that’s for sure. We’ve seen them crowd surf, drink beer from a shoe, smoke a b… actually wait… forgot about the first rule. We’re not in California here. Actually, let’s pretend we are and mention the fact that they managed to popularise the international sensation of the “photobong” (look it up). Reputations aside, The Bennies are probably the hardest touring band around today – get around them and see what the whole world is chuffed about. HOLY HOLY  Hailing from Brisbane and Melbourne respectively, Timothy Carroll and Oscar Dawson are Holy Holy. Planting their flag firmly on the planet of finely tuned song-smithery, these two self-confessed music tragics originally crossed paths while volunteering as English teachers in South East Asia where they bonded over their their love of vibrant, soulful tunes. Together again in 2011 and feasting on a musical diet consisting of the likes of Midlake, Band of Horses and Grizzly Bear – they decided to finally put it all together. Flash forward five years and Holy Holy have just released their cracking debut record When The Storms Would Come and critics are coming from everywhere to proclaim it one of the years best. THE BABE RAINBOW Four things you should probably know about the three piece band The Babe Rainbow:
  1. 1)  They all live in Rainbow Bay, about 25km south of the Gold Coast. Don’t assume that’s where ?they got their name (assumptions are notoriously difficult with these guys) but it’d be a safe bet. They came together there over a mutual love of Big Star, the California sound and funny names (one of their members is Dr Elliot Love-Wisdom),
  2. 2)  They all work together on a farm. One can only dream of the types of things they might get up to out there.
  3. 3)  Their latest single is called “Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forrest”. It comes from a cookbook they found of the farm. It’s a vegetable farm.
  4. 4)  If you like blissed out, eastern tinged guitar pop, you’ll love em.
HEIN COOPER On any given night in Sydney you can see acoustic artists dutifully plying their trade at pubs or venues, most of them hoping for a break that may never come. Silky voiced folky Hein Cooper was treading that very path sometime in 2013, when into his pub walked Franz Schuller, the manager of Canadian band Half Moon Run. The rest, as they say, was history and next thing you know Cooper is holed up in Montreal recording songs and signing record deals. Returning to Australia in 2014, this talented songwriter began lapping the country with the likes of Thelma Plum showcasing a rich vein in indie pop and emotive lyrics. His debut EP features gorgeous single “The Art Of Escape” and is a sign of great things to come. RUSS DEWBURY  Debuting in 1986 and forging a reputation as one of the original UK Black Music DJ’s, Russ Dewbury is a name synonymous with a tasty blend of funk, disco, Afro Latin and tropical beats mixed with electro-jazz, drum n’ bass and vintage flavours. Originally from Brighton and now calling Sydney home, Dewbury runs the longest running club session on the world in Brighton’s Jazz Rooms which has been presenting talent from all over the world since way, way back in 1987. He has performed in over 35 countries worldwide including New York, Berlin, Singapore and San Francisco and now he’s ready to take the stage at this years festival and move the dance floor to a higher place. WAX MOTIF  Diplo is probably the biggest name in music right now, so when he hand picks an artist to join the roster of his Mad Decent label, you know you’re in for something special. Wax Motif is that artist. An Australian producer known to his mates as Danny Chien, Motif has recently relocated to North America to position himself at the forefront of the rising G-house movement in Los Angeles. What is G-house you ask? It’s a bourgeoning term for a mix of house music, familiar rap and hip hop standards. Popularised by the likes of Destructo, AC Slater and yes, our man Wax Motif. A concoction featuring R&B, disco, UK bass and everything in between will be on show here so if that sounds up your alley, get thee to the dance floor ASAP. SAN HOLO  Just in time for Episode 7, San Holo comes straight outta the Netherlands with a visionary approach to future bass. Making his debut in late 2014 with the scintillating COSMOS EP, San put the major tastemakers on notice. The result of this buzz was a collaboration with the Parisian Point crew, who released his single Hiding on their Filet Mingon compilation. From there it was all systems go as SoundCloud followers emerged from every angle and the likes of Skrillex and Diplo came knocking. Not one to rest on his laurels, San Holo has been dropping regular tracks and remixes, culminating in the formation of his rapidly growing label bitbird. A short time from now on a stage not far from you, San Holo will tear it up. MONEY FOR ROPE Dual drummers, thunderous guitar, wailing vocals and a good old knack for a melody: all these elements and more kick Melbourne’s Money For Rope into gear like a souped up antique roadster raring for the open road. Born from a love for classic bands such as Sunnyboys, Radio Birman and The Saints, these lads plied their trade at all the classic Melbourne dives before popping up supporting the likes of The Cruel Sea and The Mess Hall and eventually exploding onto festival stages with a rare and engaging energy. Their single Easy Way Out, taken from a self titled debut album became a staple of national radio networks and proved that the maths is easy: two drummers + two guitars + four voices = one hell of a good time. NGAIIRE The phrase “global citizen” is tossed around a lot these days. Russell Brand once claimed that he was one. Russell Brand is not a global citizen. Ngaiire is a global citizen; one with immense talent. Born in Papua New Guinea, she spent her first few years in NZ before returning to PNG and getting her first taste of live music while watching American college big bands on tour. Soon, she would relocate to Australia and her voice, one of soul and experience beyond her years, would lead her passion for performance. Ngaiire’s debut album Lamentations led her to the stage with the likes of Alycia Keys and John Legend and her latest Blastoma has confirmed her as the perfect mix of boho-Rn’B-weirdo-dilletante talent. OPIUO A Kiwi now calling Australia home (don’t mention Russell Crowe), Opiuo is a certified Doctor of Funk. Originally becoming established as a one man show dealing in drum machines and synths, this sonic wizard has surrounded himself with some of the worlds finest musicians to create what he calls The Opiuo Band, a 100% live concern of mind boggling quality. In the past he has shared the staged with the likes of Bassnectar, Pretty Lights and (get this) MC Hammer, as well as turning his hand to remixing Kimbra, Infected Mushroom and landing tunes at #1 on the Beatport charts on several occasions. If you’re missing some funk in your junk or just want to behold a master at work, you’d better get around Opiuo. LURCH AND CHIEF Describing themselves variously as neo-soul, blues, rock and psych, Lurch and Chief are a different proposition. Deriving much of their power from the dual vocal work of Hayden Sommerville and Lilibeth Hall, this Melbourne sextet gained prominence with their brooding singles Mother/ Father and Fading Out – tunes that have earned them veritable flogging on triple j. Formed as a collaboration between several close friends and steadily evolving into one of Australia’s brightest new bands, Lurch and Chief deal in heavy atmospheres, pounding percussive elements and vocals in equal parts ethereal and guttural. It that looks interesting on paper, you’d be well served to check it out on stage. HEY SAM  Resplendent in his trademark thick rimmed glasses Hey Sam is a DJ, producer, record label owner and Godfather. As part of the infamous LTM crew (a collective of DJ’s who claim to have wedged their foot in the door by spinning at one of Cathy Freeman’s going away parties) Sam has been building his trademark brand of bass heavy house music for near on a decade. His remixes have appeared on Ministry of Sound, Onelove and Vicious Bitch and his Soundcloud plays have skyrocketed up to over half a million. As a producer, his tracks Tap That, Gotta Dance Dirty and The Roof Off have all gone nuclear. Hey Sam has a clear vision. He wants to make great dance music for the assembled masses. Here’s your chance to be a part of it. PETER BIBBY  “She loves my soul but she hates my boozing”, goes the opening lyric from Melbourne-via-Perth- via-who knows where singer songwriter Peter Bibby’s song Hates My Boozing, and haven’t we all felt that way from time to time? The tune, taken from Bibby’s debut album Butcher / Hairstylist / Beautician is a woozy, swaying nugget replete with lyrical confessions and disarming levels of charm; the blueprint for Mr Bibby’s work. Other tunes such as Goodbye Johnny borrow a pinch of salt from The Drones and a squeeze of lemon from Neil Young and The Crazy Horse to create a strangely compelling whole. Sharing members with fellow Perth-born weirdo’s Pond and touring to within an inch of his life, Peter Bibby is the man TUKA Australian rapper and songwriter, Tuka (one third of acclaimed hip hop heroes Thundamentals) released his latest solo album Life Death Time Eternal earlier this year with hits like “Nirvana” which have seen the album nominated for ‘Best Urban Album’ at the 2015 ARIA Awards. The record was written in a mere nine months – a personal best for the rapper. Taking extra effort to ensure a perfect balance between every element of each song, Life Death Time Eternal is a harmonious release, ripe with emotion, melody, and some of his strongest writing to date. THE MEETING TREE  Did you know: legally, if you ask someone if they’re a cop three times, they have to answer you? The Meeting Tree know this. In fact, they (kind of) wrote a song about it. “r u a cop” is the first salvo from a new project involving One Day members Joyride and Ralph Lauren (also of Jackie Onassis). Their EP of the same name has been described as “the most exciting thing to emerge out of Redfern since Anthony Mundine’s rap career” – so you know it’s great. They don’t really deal in one genre in particular, touching on trap, rave, rap and basically anything that takes their distracted fancy. Peking Duk are also involved somewhere, although it’s never quite clear how. Either way: get to The Meeting Tree. Get there now. MIGHTY DUKE AND THE LORDS  They say there’ll be no accusations, just friendly crustaceans under the sea. Life would be better down where it’s wetter… under the sea. Mighty Duke and The Lords know this well; they live for the sea. Dapper in white suits and beards, these salty dogs like to keep the party shaking until all the fish have gone to sleep. Comprised of members from The Melbourne Ska Orchestra, the Suitcase Royale, NO ZHU and The Locksmiths, Mighty Duke and The Lords splash their seafaring tunes with witty lyrics and energy to burn, making them one of the must see acts of this years festival. Stock up on some coconut water, wrap yourself in seaweed, grab a mojito and dive in to the cool, ocean waters of Mighty Duke and The Lords. DJ I-DEE  All the way from Washington is DJ I-Dee; one of the most talented DJ’s on the planet today. Starting his career as a teenage prodigy, I-Dee won three of competition DJ’s most prestigious titles (the DMC Battle for USA Supremacy, Scribble Jam and Roc Raida’s Gong Battle) all within six months of each other by the age of 19. This put him in the upper echelon of party rockers and enabled him to perform sets all over the world. Not satisfied, and with an insatiable desire for a world title, I-Dee returned to the DMC’s in 2014 and captured the Word Title, putting him side by side with the likes of Mixmaster Mike of the Beastie Boys, Rac Raida and DJ QBert. Ladies and gentleman; you’re looking at a living legend of the DJ scene. AINSLEE WILLS A definitive new talent, Melbourne’s Ainslee Wills has been deftly creeping up on us for some time now. Her voice is something akin to a young Fiona Apple packaged with the control and discipline of a seasoned jazz singer and topped off with an inimitable emotional resonance. Releasing her debut album in 2013, Wills started to gain traction with a combination of regular gigging and that voice. Pretty soon she was being sought after, with genius in residence Tom Iansek calling on her to provide vocals for the track So Solider as part of his wildly successful #1 Dads project. Striking while the iron was red hot, the brilliant new EP Oh The Gold has appeared and confirms Ainslee Wills as a luminous talent. TICKETS: Marion Bay, Tasmania and Byron Bay, New South Wales are ON SALE NOW: fallsfestival.com LORNE IS SOLD OUT. TRAVEL BOOKINGS: Best to book your travel early while availability is high and costs are low, check out the Falls website for all of your options. ABOUT THE FALLS MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL 2015: A world-class line-up of music, comedy and arts in a relaxed festival environment. The coastal locations are beautiful, the natural amphitheatres are sublime and all camping is free. EMBED THE FALLS PLAYLIST: You can embed a playlist of the Falls Festival line up with the Spotify Play Button using this embed code; <iframe src=”https://embed.spotify.com/?uri=spotify:user:fallsfestival:playlist:58Ulu1LFsHSuNHV9j4E4VT” width=”300″ height=”380″ frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true”></iframe> THE FALLS MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL 2015 NATIONAL LINE-UP FOALS · BLOC PARTY · DISCLOSURE · THE WOMBATS · HILLTOP HOODS · RÜFÜS · COURTNEY BARNETT · BIRDS OF TOKYO · HALSEY · KURT VILE AND THE VIOLATORS · JARRYD JAMES · WAVVES · MAC DEMARCO · MEG MAC · THE AVENER · PAUL KELLY & MERRI SOUL SESSIONS · ART VS SCIENCE · DJANGO DJANGO · GARY CLARK JR. · LITTLE MAY · THE MACCABEES · LEON BRIDGES · ‘WEIRD AL’ YANKOVIC · ALPINE · TORO Y MOI · YOUNG FATHERS · ELLIPHANT · GANG OF YOUTHS · BØRNS · HIATUS KAIYOTE · KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD · SETH SENTRY · SOAK · OH WONDER · EL VEZ · FLEETMAC WOOD PLAYING LORNE ONY: DUNE RATS · HARTS · DJ YODA · CITY CALM DOWN · MELBOURNE SKA ORCHESTRA · BANOFFEE · GENERIK · VALLIS ALPS · I OH YOU DJS · THE BENNIES · HOLY HOLY · THE BABE RAINBOW · HEIN COOPER · RUSS DEWBURY · WAX MOTIF · SAN HOLO · MONEY FOR ROPE · NGAIIRE · OPIUO · LURCH AND CHIEF · HEY SAM · PETER BIBBY · TUKA · THE MEETING TREE · MIGHTY DUKE AND THE LORDS · DJ I-DEE · AINSLEE WILLS PLAYING BYRON BAY ONLY: PEKING DUK · MIAMI HORROR · TIJUANA CARTEL · BOOTLEG RASCAL · GOONS OF DOOM · SPIRIT OF AKASHA SOME VERY SPECIAL MARION BAY ONLY ACTS TO STILL BE ANNOUNCED! FALLS COMEDY: NAZEEM HUSSAIN · RANDY · ADAM ROZENBACHS · BECKY LUCAS · NICK CODY · TIEN TRAN EVENTS:  Dec 28, 2015 until Jan 01, 2016 in Lorne, VIC (est. 1993) 18+ event *sold-out  Dec 29, 2015 until Jan 01, 2016 in Marion Bay, TAS (est. 2003) All ages, kids under 12 are free ON SALE NOW Dec 31, 2015 until Jan 03, 2016 in Byron Bay, NSW (est. 2013) 18+ event ON SALE NOW Follow the festival here: fallsfestival.com  –  Twitter  –  Facebook  –  YouTube  –  Instagram]]>

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