4 signs your office space needs electrical rework

4 signs your office space needs electrical rework

Regular electrical maintenance in your office spaces differs from the standard audits annually. It is important to get regular maintenance checks to ensure your staff are safe. In fact, regular energy check-ups will mean less electricity consumption and greater savings.

It is vital you have a set routine for maintenance checks. Despite routine repairs, mishaps are bound to occur and might put you and your team in danger of a potential fire hazards.

There are signs you must look out for if you think your office needs electrical rework.

You witness sparks when plugging or unplugging electrical appliances

Generally, electrical sparks might not be that big of a deal. It could be due to the rapid drawdown of the electricity supply coming to your switchboards; however, if your office has old wiring, it might be due to one of two reasons:

·       First, it could be due to excessive heat near the electric outlets. If not treated in time, this could lead to melting of the insulation and wires, which could easily turn into a fire.

·       Secondly, a spark could occur due to a water leakage which could easily lead to electrocution, short circuit, or fire.

Therefore, when you or your employee witness a spark, it is wise to call a licensed electrician right away to get the problem inspected. It is also recommended to choose your energy provider properly and compare gas and electric rates to get the best quote.

Your circuit keeps tripping

The circuit breaker tripping can be quite normal; however, if it is occurring on a regular basis, you must get in touch with an electrician. Tripping could either be happening due to the circuit being near the ground or possibly an overload.

If your circuit is near the ground, the wires must be touching the earth to trip the circuit – this can be fixed by calling an electrician. However, an overload could be a symptom of a major issue. It could put you at risk of getting electrocuted, so it is wise to get things checked before the unexpected occurs.

You notice flickering of lights

Again, flickering lights can be quite common and might not be a major issue. If it is persistent, it could indicate an underlying issue. The constant flickering of a light can be a nuisance and bring the morale down at a work place. It could also lead to vision problems and migraines.

Flickering of a light might be due to an overload or old wiring. It is best to either change the wiring or solve the overload problem.

You can feel the outlets getting warm

If you keep your hand on a circuit and it is warm, or you notice some sort of discolouring on the circuit, it is a sign that the wirings need a change. Overheating could be due to the extra load on the circuit, which could eventually lead to a short circuit or put you at risk of getting electrocuted.

Summing up

In addition to the signs stated above, you might also need help if your wiring is old or you can smell a burning odour near the circuits. These signs can lead to possible casualties, so it is best to contact an expert right away to ensure yours and your team’s safety.

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