5 Minutes with Havana Brown

She’s Australia’s princess of pop, producing killer dance tracks that get us all moving! We chat with DJ Havana Brown on what its like to rule the music charts, travel the world and work with some of the biggest names in the business…

Your constantly touring and travelling the world, what is the one thing you miss about home in Australia?

It would have to be family, for sure. I’m very close with my family so going for long periods of time without them is a little bit hard sometimes.

You’ve toured with huge international artists from Britney Spears to the Pussycat Dolls, who has been your favorite artist to tour and work with?

Definitely the Latinos! Pitbull and Enrique, they were a lot of fun! You know, they love music; they know how to party, and their really down to earth! They would probably be my favourite. You know, I think they have the right idea about life. They know how to enjoy themselves but work hard at the same time.

Did they give you any valuable advice or guidance?

Look, they give me sort of support. Even Pitbull was like why wouldn’t you be able to do everything that you dream off. There’s no excuse for it. If you can think of it, then you can do it. So I think that’s so true because sometimes you just think certain things are too hard, too difficult, and there’s no possible chance it would happen. But why wouldn’t  it happen, why think anything else. I think that’s quite important to think about as well, and believe in yourself!

Well you’ve definitely solidified your own status as Australia’s pop princess and top female DJ, how does it feel to have all this success?

Well you know while I’m really happy I get to do what I love doing and I’m always touring, working hard, I guess its something that I’ve always dreamed of. It’s such a good feeling to accomplish something that you have worked so hard for. There’s so much more I want to achieve mind you, but I feel proud that I’ve achieved the success I’ve had.

You’ve been so successful as a DJ as well as pursuing a successful singing career; do you have a particular favorite in what you prefer to do?

They go hand in hand for me. When I DJ, I sing as well, I always sing my songs. So for me, I couldn’t imagine DJing without performing my songs anymore and I couldn’t imagine performing really, actually no, I could perform without DJing but you know I love doing both of them! They go together, you don’t have to choose from either one.

What’s been your best achievement and proudest moment to date in your career?

Definitely selling over a million copies in the states for ‘We run the Night.’ It put me in a small group of Australians that have achieved, and I didn’t realise how small the group was actually, but there’s only about five or six of us, in the history of Australian music to have ever sold over a million in the states. And, I’m also the only female pop artist, since Olivia-Newton John to have sold over a million. So that in itself… I didn’t even know that was the case until recently, so I’m pretty proud of that!

Your new single ‘Flashing Lights,’ is a killer dance track and has been extremely popular, what’s the inspiration behind your music?

The inspiration behind flashing lights, well you know, was obviously inspired by the Funk area, the Isley Brothers, Brothers Johnson. It was kind of derived from that era; where the lyrics were sexy, how they vocally sang was sexy and even the way they moved was sexy! That’s pretty much the inspiration behind it, but when we were writing it, I was writing it specifically about a relationship. A very hot and sexy relationship that I think everybody probably has in their life, but isn’t necessarily that good for you. It’s about a relationship that so passionate, there’s so much chemistry, almost too much, it’s to good for it to be true.

So what’s next for Havana Brown?

Well I’m going to be releasing new music, but I’m also coming out with an album very soon, towards the end of the year. I actually have never released a full album before so I’m very excited about this and it’s going to showcase a lot about me!

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Written by Sarra Davis

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