9 of the best things to do in New Zealand

New Zealand, a land of breathtaking landscapes and adrenaline-pumping adventures, offers a myriad of experiences for its visitors. From mountains blanketed in snow to warm, sandy beaches and from heart-stopping thrills to tranquil cruises, this Pacific nation is a haven for those seeking the extraordinary. The following guide reveals nine exceptional activities in New Zealand that you should not miss. Embark on an adventure that suits your temperament, exploring natural wonders or engaging in high-octane activities.

Queenstown SkyCity Casino

If you prefer the allure of an indoor adventure, head to Queenstown’s SkyCity Casino, a glitzy entertainment hub teeming with thrilling activities. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city, the casino offers a diverse range of gaming options, from traditional table games to a vast array of modern slot machines. But if you are a fan of online entertainment, the brands listed at icasinoreviews.info offer the best online casinos in New Zealand. So, you can still enjoy a great gaming experience wherever you are.

Hike The Tongariro Crossing

Enjoy New Zealand’s stunning natural beauty by hiking the Tongariro Crossing. This captivating 19.4-kilometre track weaves through the heart of the Tongariro National Park, a UNESCO dual World Heritage Site. 

As you trudge up volcanic terrains, past tranquil emerald lakes, and through unique alpine meadows, you’ll be rewarded with mesmerizing views that command awe and respect. Experience the power of Mother Nature as you journey across the dramatic landscape that epitomizes the majesty of the North Island.

Cruise Milford Sound

No visit to New Zealand would be complete without a cruise through Milford Sound. This enchanting fjord, located in the southwestern corner of the South Island, showcases the country’s awe-inspiring landscapes at their finest. 

As you glide through the Sound, watch for the diverse wildlife – seals basking on rocks, dolphins frolicking in the waters, and rare birds soaring in the sky. A Milford Sound cruise isn’t just a journey; it’s a magical escape into the heart of New Zealand’s untamed beauty.

Bungy Jump In Queenstown

For thrill-seekers, Queenstown is synonymous with one activity: bungy jumping. Considered the birthplace of commercial bungy jumping, the adrenaline capital of the world beckons the brave and adventurous. Leap from the historic Kawarau Bridge, or for the daring, challenge the fear-inducing heights of the Nevis Bungy. 

As you freefall, experience the exhilarating rush of wind against your face and the heart-pounding sensation of defying gravity. Queenstown’s spectacular landscapes further enhance this thrill, making bungy jumping here a memory you’ll cherish forever.

World Famous Gorge Swing

Experience a unique thrill with the world-famous Gorge Swing. Overlooking the breathtaking Shotover River, this isn’t your ordinary playground swing. Strap in and take the plunge, soaring over the stunning river gorge. You control the release, adding a heart-racing personal touch to the thrill. 

As you swing through the air, soak in the spectacular views and feel the adrenaline like never before. Whether you swing solo or pair up for a tandem leap, the Gorge Swing is a must-try for all adventure enthusiasts.

Christchurch Casino

A thrilling blend of entertainment, dining, and gaming awaits you at Christchurch Casino. As one of the best gambling venues, it houses many gaming tables, an expansive selection of slot machines, and dedicated poker rooms for serious players. 

The casino also boasts a variety of dining establishments, each offering unique gastronomic experiences. From the plush Grand Café serving world-class dishes to the laid-back Monza Sports Bar offering a great selection of drinks, there’s something for everyone. Regular live performances further enhance the lively atmosphere. Visiting Christchurch Casino offers not just gaming but a comprehensive entertainment experience.

Whitewater Rafting

Get your pulse racing with some thrilling whitewater rafting. New Zealand’s diverse rivers provide a playground for this extreme sport, offering unique challenges and breathtaking views. Whether navigating the Rangitata River’s thunderous rapids or battling the Shotover River’s frothing waters, the experience will surely leave you exhilarated. 

Rafting trips suit varying skill levels, ensuring everyone can participate in this heart-stopping adventure. It’s a delightful mix of physical exertion, teamwork, and stunning scenery that you won’t want to miss.

Swim With Dolphins

For an intimate encounter with marine life, consider a swim with dolphins. In the tranquil waters of Kaikoura or the Bay of Islands, friendly pods of dolphins are eager to interact with visitors.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you’ll dive into the ocean and swim alongside these graceful creatures. The experience of sharing their watery world is both enchanting and humbling. Don’t miss the chance to form a special bond with these intelligent beings in their natural habitat.

Sky Dive Abel Tasman

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush at Abel Tasman. Take a leap of faith and skydive from up to 20,000 feet, plunging towards the earth at dizzying speeds. As your parachute unfurls, enjoy a serene float, soaking in panoramic views of the national park, golden beaches, and the azure Tasman Sea. Skydiving here combines adrenaline, peace, and unmatched natural beauty into a single unforgettable experience.

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