A chat with Miss Universe Australia hopeful Gina


Well it is that time of year when the search to find the new Miss Universe Australia begins and this weekend in brisbane i will be a part of the judging panel that will select queenslands entrants in the Miss Universe Australia Pagent

It is sure to be a sea of hats, frocks, and stilettos as the Champagne flows at Doomben Racecourse when Girls’ Day Out  returns to the track this Saturday.
Starting off our weekend of coverage we have a chat with Gina one of the contestans who will be competing trackside this weekend

Hey Gina ,
Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us today in the lead up to Miss Universe Preliminary’s in Brisbane next weekend  just got a few questions for you

So first of all what prompted you to take the leap into Miss Universe Australia 2013 ….? 
My first interest would have to have been sparked by watching Jennifer Hawkins and her successful journey after entering this competition. Also, I think it is a great way of building confidence, as well as being an exciting event to be a part of.

What has the perception of your friends and family been like on entering the competition…?
It’s been great, they are all extremely excited for me and can’t wait to come watch. It definitely eases the nerves knowing they will all be there supporting me!

If you had to describe yourself in a few short sentences what would you say …?
Goal orientated with the drive to achieve.
Full of life and excited to try new things.

With this everyone has a motivation or mantra in life what would you say yours is …?
The main constant in my life that always helps me achieve my goals and picks me up when I might fall short would most definitely be my Christian faith. So I would have to say that my motivation or mantra would be God as He has been my constant guide and rock no matter the circumstance.

There are a lot of impressive looking people involved in the Miss Universe Australia pageant. What makes you stand out? What have you got that the other girls don’t?
Recently I joined with Katz management and have gained some experience in the modelling industry. Through that I think it has built my confidence and I believe it will be useful for this competition.

People often label contestants in such contests into certain groups what would you say about yourself breaks the stereotype of the typical pageant entrant…?
Stereotypes are so unfair and a really sad part of society, but I do understand that they are inevitable. So to break this pageant stereotype I will try my hardest to display my down to earth personality through the way I speak and present myself. Although stereotypes are difficult to break I believe that by being myself it shouldn’t be too much of a struggle.

Organisers and publications like ours often insist these competitions are not just about parading beautiful people around on a stage, that it brings something more to the community. What do you think Miss Universe Australia brings to the community?
I do believe that this event brings the community together, and is a fun day out for everyone. It also creates a sense of excitement when a local girl goes onto the next round.

The Cliché Question … If you could meet one Person Dead Or alive Who Would it Be And Why …?
There is a long list of successful people who I would love to meet and ask questions. However, one that stands out would have to be Tyra Banks. She succeeded by leaps and bounds within the modelling industry in a very short amount of time and is still doing well. Adding a successful television career along the way. She also understands how it feels to be bullied for her looks, experiencing this as a child. However, she over came this and is now extremely successful. Not to mention her TZone organisation for young teenage girls with low self-esteem. This is something I have a passion for and would love to talk about.

Now as a final question what would you say makes you stand out from the other Miss Universe Australia contestants ….?

Well I think to stand out, you need to make whatever your doing your own. So I’ll be myself and try to show my personality as much as I can. Keep up my confidence and allow my natural drive to succeed kick in and hopefully the judges will love it! But at the end of the day I just want to go out and enjoy myself.

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