A chat with Miss Universe Australia hopeful Mikhailla


Well it is that time of year when the search to find the new Miss Universe Australia begins and this weekend in brisbane i will be a part of the judging panel that will select queenslands entrants in the Miss Universe Australia Pagent

It is sure to be a sea of hats, frocks, and stilettos as the Champagne flows at Doomben Racecourse when Girls’ Day Out  returns to the track this Saturday.
Starting off our weekend of coverage we have a chat with Mikhailla one of the contestans who will be competing trackside this weekend

Hey Mikhailla,
Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us today in the lead up to Miss Universe Preliminary’s in Brisbane next weekend  just got a few questions for you

So first of all what prompted you to take the leap into Miss Universe Australia 2013 ….? Actually, I never thought Miss Universe was on the cards for me, I was contacted by one of the Director’s of the event to which they believed I would be a great candidate for Miss Universe and I am now excited to be able to be apart of the Miss Universe journey.

What has the perception of your friends and family been like on entering the competition…?
My family and friends have all been very supportive of me on this journey and continue to wish me all the best throughout. 

If you had to describe yourself in a few short sentences what would you say …?
I would say that even at a young age I’m a very driven business orientated woman, I can never do just one thing with my life, I’m always embracing opportunities which can further my knowledge and continually push me forward. I possess a very positive attitude, live a healthy lifestyle and tend to often take the time to just appreciate the little blessings that surround my life.

With this everyone has a motivation or mantra in life what would you say yours is …?
I would say my motivation in life is to live it happily and to achieve all my goals, to me living happily means appreciating everything you have and being able to make the most of it.  It is important to have a motivation in life, as this is what I believe allows the individual to keep moving forward.

There are a lot of impressive looking people involved in the Miss Universe Australia pageant. What makes you stand out? What have you got that the other girls don’t?  I think upon entering this competition you know there are going to be a lot of impressive looking candidates but I think it’s important to stay true to yourself and grounded throughout the Miss Universe journey. With this I think I have always possessed a strong passion to succeed while still retaining a very down to earth nature.

People often label contestants in such contests into certain groups what would you say about yourself breaks the stereotype of the typical pageant entrant…?  I would say I’m very down to earth, I’ve always had a grounded nature to which others can easily relate to me but what I would say that perceives me differently from a typical pageant entrant that breaks the stereotype is that people generally like to think Miss Universe is all about the appearance, but I would like to believe I can bring something more than just looks to the competition.

Organisers and publications like ours often insist these competitions are not just about parading beautiful people around on a stage, that it brings something more to the community. What do you think Miss Universe Australia brings to the community? I think Miss Universe gives the opportunity for a candidate to be able to voice their opinion. It’s not just about being judged on appearance, but about having a voice in the community through a strong image known as Miss Universe.

The Cliché Question … If you could meet one Person Dead Or alive Who Would it Be And Why …?
Anyone who knows me knows how much I look up to Miranda Kerr. She is a sophisticated woman who represents an image about embracing what’s on the inside and despite her success she still remains a down to earth women, who continually carries herself with such poise, that one can only highly regard her.

Now as a final question what would you say makes you stand out from the other Miss Universe Australia contestants ….? (similar question as above)

As previously mentioned I would like to think I stand out from other contestants because I can bring more than just appearance to the pageant and believe my down to earth nature can represent an image to which people feel they can relate to.